Funny Money- Herding Morons

Starting this week we are taking our weekly Funny Money column in a new direction. We will no longer adhere strictly to the format we’ve previously used and, instead, will bring you something we find humorous from either WoW or real world finance. We will occasionally revert to the old format, but this change gives us the flexibility to play with the column a bit and, we feel, better serve our readers.

This week we’d like to tell you about herding morons. We recently read a piece from The Greedy Goblin about his frustrations with trying to get people to adhere to a cohesive strategy in the battlegrounds. Specifically, he points out his efforts in Alterac Valley. This struck a nerve with one of our team members who wanted to point out that, after much frustration trying to do the same, he finally figured out the perfect way to “herd morons”. All it takes is a little reverse psychology apparently.

Now, with tongues firmly planted in cheek, we share with you his custom built macro that gets the AV morons to do EXACTLY as he asks. Simply build a macro that announces the following to the entire battleground:

“Grps 1-3 hide in mines and go AFK, Grp 4 tell everyone who is AFK while doing nothing yourself, Grps 5-6 rush and reset boss repeatedly, Grp 7 go D and whine about O (be sure to fight in front of-but not recap- our towers), Grp 8 just ride around and QQ.”

Now you’ve got a stratagy that everyone will follow! You should also note that the above fits perfectly within the macro character limit. Feel free to use it as you see fit.

Have a great week.


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2 responses to “Funny Money- Herding Morons

  1. That makro is exactly for what I’ve been looking for!
    Anyway, 55 victories in AV to go …

  2. Mulps


    have seen that sort of macros few times.
    A technique I tend to use is to ask what I want as a question rather than issue an order.

    Eg. I hear if we Zerg docks it’s a quick victory?

    3-4 people tend to respond with yes, some give more details.
    I few more leading qns have the ‘pro’s’ telling the noob more how’s and why’s and the morons are seeing all the tactics explained. Most tend to follow it then as they ofc are all pro’s and don’t want to look like idiots.
    If am going in bg with friends we just take turns at being the noob and the nice pro.


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