Free Flyin’

When flying to Coldarra, save yourself a little change and fly to Amber Ledge instead. It’s only a savings of 50 silver, but if you find yourself going there why not just take the transfer and save the money? To do so, simply talk to the big red flight master drake, Surristrasz, and select the first of the two dialog options and your flight from Amber Ledge to Coldarra will be free of charge.

Now this would normally be enough of a savings to motivate cheap bastards like those of us behind this blog but, as Coldarra is a bit of a bottomless pit if you get summoned there before you can fly, Blizzard has built an option to also return to Amber Ledge free of charge. Many players don’t realize it but directly across from the Coldarra flight master there is an NPC by the name of Librarian Tiare who will instantly port you back to Amber Ledge thereby saving you the 45 silver return cost. Yes, it is strange that it costs 50S to get there and 45S to leave but by this we can only assume that Coldarra is the New Jersey of Northrend and so the best thing about it is the cheap travel to more desirable locales. Kidding… we’re kidding. No need to whack us dear neighborly mobsters.

With the combination of free flight and a free portal this simple mechanic can save you both time and gold so there is no reason not to amend your Coldarra travel plans and save a bit when you can. Oh, and as long as you’re headed to New Jersey Coldarra be sure to help them with their nefarious drake exploitation plans as it is such a fast and easy daily and also take a look around for ‘The Don’ of the zone himself, Old Crystalbark. We’ve seen him there several times now that far fewer people are questing in the area.


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5 responses to “Free Flyin’

  1. Hey that’s a great tip. I had no idea that portal existed.

  2. Tyberiuss

    This Amber Ledge travel option is for players attempting Nexus (or questing in area). They have a way there (and back) before getting L77 cold weather flying. (summon stone withstanding)

  3. Dragonrose

    No idea that portal existed and I’ve visited Coldarra DAILY.

  4. Twan

    Nice, I didnt know either. Old Crystalbark has elluded me too, time to go back.

  5. Dan

    Whats this about a portal to not spent 50 s omg and u think giving this solution is making us rich?

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