Auction House Sorting

Ever accidentally hit a bar along the top of the unmodified auction house and mess up the sorting? It helps to know that the default AH view is by rarity. Use this knowledge to correct the issue. An even more powerful use would be to sort your searches by an order that is more appropriate to your needs. Perhaps you want to view items by price or, even better, time left. Sorting items by time left within the category or search phrase you’ve already typed in lets you find those rare opportunities where other players have underpriced their bid level. Snipe these low priced goods up by bidding just before a patch day and you’ll get the occasional amazing deal. Even better, check out how profitable your sales become when you make a habit of sorting by time left and bidding on desired materials just before you log off. You’ll find that you snag a few amazing deals every week. It’s surprising how few players perform this simple AH trick.


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