The Loot Council- Cataclysm Around the Blogosphere

So much information about the new expansion pack out there it’s difficult to get our heads around it. Here are a few of our favorite posts concerning Cataclysm so far:

  • Blizzard just launched the official site and there’s a pretty handy FAQ posted with key details.
  • MMO-Champion, as always, is the best place to turn for all the related blue posts and detailed information.
  • If you’d prefer more of an overview of the coming changes you can take a look at the helpful list posted at Warcraft Econ.
  • The WoWhead blog has some decent coverage of the conference overall.
  • posted a nice rundown of the changes to professions that were announced.
  • WTF Spaghetti posted a nice picture of the revamped post-Cataclysm world map.

Opinion on the announcement of the new expansion pack was widespread:

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