Selecting Optimal Quest Rewards

Most quests in WoW offer some form of physical reward in addition to the gold or XP gained from the quest’s completion. Following the steps outlined in this short guide will help make certain that you pick the best rewards for your needs.

Items You Intend to Equip

If the item is something you intend to use the choice should be fairly easy. You’ll want to remember that items equipped while leveling are transient in nature meaning that just because an item seems useful now that doesn’t mean it will continue to be for very long. As most quests are completed at or near the recommended quest level, the items rewarded for quest completion are often even more prone to becoming obsolete than a crafted item or BoE drop that you might purchase from the auction house.

The other concern when selecting a quest reward for usage is that you might find it helpful to select items that address whatever issues you may be having. If you’re having a hard time with survivability, for example, select items with stamina. If mana regen is your issue, choose something with MP5 or spirit. Don’t simply go for the items that seem to suit your class or build. Remember, leveling and end game are different modes of play and benefit from differing approaches.

The final consideration is that, in the rare occasion when all things seem equal, you might want to choose the item with the highest item level. For almost all quests the item levels of the rewards are the same but there are a few instances when this is not the case. Patch 3.2 allowed the viewing of the item level but the feature needs to be enabled by the player. To enable item level viewing go to the options screen, select ‘interface’, ‘display’ and then check the box labeled “show item level”.

Items for Sale to a Vendor

When selecting items to be sold to a vendor you obviously want to pick the item that will sell for the most money. Until very recently, you would have to rely on one of several add-ons or mods to view the vendor price. As of patch 3.2 however, you can see the amount for which every item will sell. The conventional wisdom holds true in that higher DPS weapons sell for more and armor value is a good indicator of vendor price for armor. Just remember to make note of this feature while questing as a lot of old school WoWers are likely to revert to the old guessing game before even noticing this recently added feature.

A final thing to bear in mind is that it is almost never worth buying a BoE drop item from another player while leveling. As stated above, if you’re actively playing the game the item will be outdated soon enough as you progress through the game. The exceptions to this rule of thumb are trinkets that do tricks like regen health or mana or increase a certain stat (as these items can be quite unique even in the end-game), weapons (which seem to stay relevant for longer), off-hand items (good ones are harder to come by) and items in the ranged slot (librams, etc.).



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3 responses to “Selecting Optimal Quest Rewards

  1. Worth to mention that Quest Reward’s Vendor Price in Northern is equalized, so you can save the time on looking that up.

    On the otherhand, back at TBC and Azeroth most of them favor heavy armors (Use vendor price in 3,2 instead).

    Another option is that if you happens to be an enchanter or planning to be one, leveling as soons as you can.
    It yield much more gold to disenchant them (and AH it) than vendoring directly.

    • Aloix

      Quest rewards in Northrend are not ‘equalized’. It is still such that generally a plate reward vendors for more than a cloth reward.

      There is an addon called ‘VendorBait’ that will highlight the quest reward with the highest value. Saves time if you’re sick of mousing over each one 😉

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