The Profit Potential of Powder

We’ve previously explained our reluctance to write about already hyped up WoWenomic trends but our resident Jewelcrafter has recently weighed in to point out that he is just killin’ it these days with Titanium Powder.

Titanium Powder is the residue remnants of prospecting Titanium Ore. Ten of these powders can be turned in to Tiffany Cartier, the Dalaran Jewelcrafting supplier, for a single Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. These tokens are then used to purchase various items and recipes of value to Jewelcrafters. Most recently, four tokens can be turned in for an epic gem recipe introduced in patch 3.2. The fact that these recipes are still so new to the game and the source material, Titanium Ore, is so high in price, creates an elevated demand for Titanium Powder.

Pricing, Prospecting and Powder

Our associate informs that he is generating huge profits by purchasing any Titanium Ore that falls below his bid level and immediately prospecting it and selling the proceeds. He claims to receive approximately one stack of 10 powder per 30 ore prospected. A rate that is roughly in line with the listed results on All told, he claims profits in excess of 150 gold per stack of titanium that he purchases. Provided he can gather or purchase enough ore below his bid level, this allows for an unbelievable amount of income in a very short time so we asked for his specifics. And he provided…

Bid level on stack of 20 Titanium Ore: equal to or under 300 gold
Sell price for single Titanium Powder: approximately 50 gold
Sell price for stack of 10 Titanium Powder: approximately 475 gold

The Big Money

So if he gets a stack of 10 powder (which he sells for 475-500) from approximately 30 Titanium Ore (at a maximum cost of 450 gold) we are left questioning where these ridiculous profits are coming from as this is only 25 to 50 gold. Still nice for zero effort but where’s the big money? That’s when he dropped the bomb… Titanium Powder is only a small part of the prospecting results. In addition to the powder, he regularly gets at least one epic gem per 20 ore prospected as well as 3-4 rare gems and 4-5 uncommon gems. As he’s a Jewelcrafter by trade (and not just an ore destroyer) he also cuts any gems that he has cuts for prior to listing in the AH. He sets his ask level for these items as follows (based on market conditions):

Uncommon gems: 1-5 gold
Rare gems: 5-12 gold (up to 50 for Scarlet Rubies)
Epic gems: 130-160 gold
Cut Epics: 190-380 gold

Let’s take the most modest of all those numbers (price and prospecting results): Assuming only 3 rare gems (and no rubies), 4 uncommon gems and a single epic per stack (not even counting cut epic gems) of titanium ore, all priced at the bottom of the chart above, we’re talking about an additional 148 gold. But wait, that math only accounts for a single stack of Titanium Ore but our previous numbers to reach 10 powder were based on prospecting 30 ore. This brings the total gem proceeds up to 222 gold. That’s 222 gold on top of the already 25-50 he’s bringing in from the powder (since we paid for the ore with our powder in this equation). Hot damn… those are some nice numbers.

Overall Strategy Tips

There are a few tips to making this strategy work for you.

  • We advise only selling the powder in stacks of ten or singles. The ten stacks are the perfect amount for someone just trying to get an additional token quickly and the singles are the perfect increment for players that just need a few more powders for their next token.
  • Don’t flood the AH with the dust or gems. Doing so will only cause the prices to drop faster.
  • Speaking of which, this is a “limited time only” strategy. Eventually the prices of powder and epic gems will deflate or the market will otherwise normalize. Act now if you intend to cash in.
  • Just like a drug (or junk bond) dealer, never get high from your own supply. Be patient and get your own tokens from the daily quest system. Don’t use your own powder for tokens since it sells for so much right now. Later, as prices of powder go down, you can use it in this fashion.
  • Have patience; sometimes the powder or gems won’t sell during a posting cycle. Other times it will all sell out, at any price. People get desperate or greedy but it can be cyclic. Play the long game.
  • Don’t try this on a single stack and expect exactly the same results. Our Jewelcrafting expert actually came up with these numbers based on spreadsheets that he uses to record his results and profits. Yes, he’s *that guy*. Anyway, he prospects hundreds of ore daily and the numbers he shared are based on his averages. In short, YMMV.
  • This strategy assumes an understanding of, and strict adherence to, a solid bid/ask strategy the development of which requires some amount of common sense. We make no assumptions about the common sense level of the average WoW player. Consider this a disclaimer.
  • The prices on your server may differ from those described above but the ratios and relative values are probably similar. Thus, use the above as a guideline but not exact price points. Do some homework and develop your own bid ask levels that work for your unique profit goals.

The Only Downside

Our Jewelcrafter asked me not to post the exact details under threat of incineration. His fear, and reasonably so, is that if this strategy becomes too popular then prices will drop faster and it won’t work any longer. I was actually hesitant to post this because he was pretty clear about his mortal threat to me but then I remembered that he plays a mage so I just LOL’d and posted it anyway. Of course, this assumes he was talking about in-game death. Perhaps I should have clarified…


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5 responses to “The Profit Potential of Powder

  1. Rob

    Actually no.

    The dust rates are about 2 per stack. So its typical to get 4 per two stacks, which you could sell for 50g each or 200g total. From two stacks which typically run 600g. If you are lucky you’ll get a epic out of it, but honestly you are lucky to break even on prospecting titanium right now.

    I prospected two stacks and got 4 dust, and two crappy blue gems. So, lost 400g. If i recally the epic rate is 1 per 2 or 3 stack of Ti ore, so if i got a gem I would have only been down 250g or so (only). So…yeah pretty terrible idea IMO.

  2. Rob

    From the wowhead comments, looks like 1.5 dust PER STACK is typical. So, 10 dust for 1.5 stacks is just outside of the realm of possibility.

    To break even would require 1 epic dropping per stack, and 4 dust per stack, but the drop rates are much lower than that.

    In short, IMO, this is a terrible idea. You will not break even.

  3. Zamboni

    I’ve been trying to sell Titanium Powder ever since the patch dropped, with no takers. The AH is full of the stuff, but no one’s buying. Anyone trying to make a profit from prospecting Titanium Ore on my server will go bankrupt very quickly.

  4. Zamboni

    Those drop rates are a bit screwy, too. I prospected almost 1000 stacks of the stuff, and I didn’t see anything close to what he’s claiming. The blue gem drop rate is less than the epic gem drop rate, and the Powder rate is closer to 3 per stack, not the 6-plus he’s getting. Either Blizzard has changed the prospecting rates on his server, or he’s seriously overstating his gem and powder drops. Anyone else buying Titanium Ore at his prices would lose money.

    Are you sure he’s not just trying to convince more people to buy his Titanium Ore?

  5. HokieJayBee

    /concur with Rob.

    my main, also a mage and i need to get me one of those fancy keyboards, is a JC.

    i’m nearing gold cap, not necessarily from only JC, but my JC is by no means unprofitable.

    i would probably have already reached gold cap 3 times were i not a mount collector (98), pet collector (101), and overall completionist (reputations, and most of all to the relevance of this post, RECIPES). so, i have just about all JC recipes, from my own titanium destruction.

    read: i am still profitable lately from LW, tailoring enchanting, and inscription – DESPITE my uncontrollable urge to continue buying titanium and damaged necklaces. i think i need like ~30 more recipes to include some of the original (useless) WOTLK cuts from the JC dealer. which at 30×4 tokens is still a pretty good amount of powder. (yes i know some take 5 for metas, but some take 3 too so it evens out)

    i am also, *that guy*, the spreadsheet guy. from my pre-patch stockpiles and other large purchases i’ve made from my minions:

    since the patch, i have prospected 5160 titanium ore.
    =258 stacks of titanium
    =1032 prospects (the action of prospecting 5 ore)

    i have gotten:
    1197 green quality gems = 115.98% chance to get a green quality gem per prospect

    239 blue quality gems = 23.16% chance to get a blue quality gem per prospect

    251 epic quality gems = 24.32% chance to get an epic quality gem per prospect

    568 titanium powders = 55.04% chance to get a titanium powder per prospect

    *the green quality gems are pretty much evenly spread except for an abnormally LOW % of chalcedony. this sucks. chalcedony can be used to make infinite dust via the cheap neck with 2 crystallized earths. then you make all your necks and DE them. then you need chalcedony for your Icy Prism. then you notice on your server’s AH that you’re apparently not the only one seeing this low rate on chalcedony. boo.

    *the blue quality gems are pretty much evenly spread except for an abnormally HIGH % of scarlet rubies. this is full of win. i can’t complain here. can make cardinal rubies with them on xmute. and since epic gems are STILL high priced for the casual, runed/bold/delicate scarlets still sell VERY well on my server.

    *the epic quality gems are pretty much evenly spread except for an abnormally HIGH % of ametrines. this isn’t necessarily bad. judging by my AH i’m not the only one seeing this, as they tend to flood sometimes (also ametrine is one of the cheapest xmutes from monarch topaz + shadow) – but there are so many useful cuts for so many different classes and builds that i don’t have a problem moving these.

    *speaking of the icy prisms. it is possible to get an epic gem from an icy prism, i’ve seen it, like once. but i have noticed a sweet rate that i get a dragon’s eye about 1 out of every 3 days of prisms. this is a huge profit. there are no dragon’s eyes on the AH available, ever. no one uses their tokens for them yet. tokens are for recipes. sell your dragon’s eyes now before everyone gets all their recipes. turning a chalcedony (10g, yeah 10, see above comment), a shadow crytstal (1.5g), a dark jade (2g), and a frozen orb (27g) into a 425g dragon’s eye. good prism.

    anyway, my point isn’t to flame the site. i just agree with rob’s sentiment and numbers more than i agree with the post stating 30 ore (6 prospects) = 10 powders. i think you got the ratio wrong. it’s not ~10/6, it’s ~6/10 (or in my case 5.5/10). if your resident JC is getting those powder rates, preach on my brother, you should be buying ore at 150% your current bid buy if your server prices on powder holds.

    final #’s:
    green gems = 1197 total. 210 dark jade, 212 bloodstone, 212 citrine, 214 shadow crystal, 215 sun crystal, …and….134 chalcedony. wtf.

    blue gems = 239 total. 34 twilight opals, 34 autumn’s glow, 36 forest emeralds, 37 sky sapphires, 43 monarch topaz, and 55 scarlet rubies. yes, this is win.

    epic gems = 251 total. 37 majestic zircon, 38 eye of zul, 40 dreadstone, 40 cardinal ruby, 43 eye of zul, and 53 ametrines. meh. only note the blues are low again, like chalcedony. hmmmm, hadn’t noticed that until i just typed this piece out.

    titanium powder. i don’t have stats on my titanium powder pulls per prospect, since i just have total numbers from prospecting sessions. but it seems to always come in 0 or 2 during a prospect. rarely 1.

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