WoWenomics Site Updates- September 01, 2009

A few long overdue changes put in place today.

Other WoW Finance Blogs

First off, we’ve updated our side bar links to ‘Other WoW Finance Blogs
We removed several outdated or defunct blogs and added the following:

A Gnome’s Conquest
A new gold making blog born from the JMTC forums. Not crazy about the green on black layout but the content is well written and informative.

My Auction House Banker
A very clean layout with quick, well thought out, informative posts.

Too Greedy
A fantastic WoW finance resource with posts that range from gold making tips to diary style gold ledger updates and some WoW finance theorycrafting.

The Happy Scribe
A more recent entry with a focus on inscription and the profits to be made from this popular profession. Good advice to be had here even if you’re not a scribe.

WoW Confidential
This blog is long overdue for a WoWenomic call out as it has been around for several years. Very similar to the Just My Two Copper style with short informative posts centered around gold making tips. Some good advice in the archives as well.

Rotating Blog Roll

Our ‘Rotating Blog Roll’ has, well, rotated. Lots of new blogs added and a few older ones removed. Give these new listings a look. As always, you can find the full blog roll listing on our Resources page. If you’d like your blog included in a future roll, just let us know.

Two New Categories Added to the Home Page

We added a category for ‘WoW Blog Listings and News’ and another for ‘WoW Status Updates’. The former will provide readers with a few quick links to get WoW news and blog headlines and the latter allows readers for even faster access to WoW server status and game updates directly from Blizzard.

Resources Page Update

The changes here are too numerous to list individually so we’ll sum it up by saying that all the classes now have at least one link (thank you to those that made suggestions), other sections have been expanded and a few links were moved to more appropriate categories. Finally, in response to the many requests we’ve received for details on our real-world finance reads, we added a few more links to some of the real-world finance resources enjoyed most by the WoWenomics team.

Other Listings

If we overlooked your (or your favorite) blog, let us know. We’d love to add you. The only reason that additional blogs are not listed is because we’ve not yet been made aware of them or, in at least a few occasions, because our Resident Typing Monkey was drunk.


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5 responses to “WoWenomics Site Updates- September 01, 2009

  1. Twan

    Thanks, added a few myself =)

  2. A good moment to recognise your site as being one of my favourite, thank you for the continual excellent articles.

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    • Be sure to keep checking the ‘link love’ seciton of the JMTC forums, many many new blogs can be found there including Too Greedy and A Gnome’s Conquest. Congrats to all you new bloggers out there: the road ahead is long but worth it.

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