Raw Epic Gems on the Rise

Uncut epic gems are showing increases in price on every server we tested. This is occurring even as the prices of many cut epic gems are decreasing in price. The reasons for this pricing anomaly are simple.

Demand is Up

Uncut (or raw) epic gems gain value as demand increases. We are currently seeing a demand increase because many jewelcrafters now each have several learned patterns and are increasingly gaining more. As jewelcrafters learn more patters, and seek to cut more gems, the demand for raw gems increases. Demand for cut gems is also on the rise due to the new Arena Season, new PVP gear and additional PVP content but the cut demand is not increasing as fast as the uncut demand… for now. It is reasonable to expect that cut gem demand will equalize with, or possibly even overcome, uncut gem demand as more players gain new gear and as players develop a coherent strategy as to how they wish to gem their gear with epic cuts. Of course, any increase in cut gem demand will also increase demand for uncut equivalents but the opposite relationship is not necessarily true.

Supply is Down

Again, with the release of new PVP gear, many players are back to spending their honor points on attaining this gear as opposed to purchasing gems for resale. Further, most players are reporting their experiences with prospecting Titanium Ore to be unprofitable and are thus not pursuing this avenue of gem creation either. This leaves a significant dent in the supply of raw epic gems and a market ripe for exploitation by the savvy WoW trader.


If you have excess uncut epic gems keep an eye out for opportunities to sell them at a premium. The servers we tested each showed at least 3 out of 6 possible colors of epic gems to have at least some cut gems that were selling lower than the price of uncut gems. One server showed at least one cut gem in each gem color category to be selling cheaper than their raw counterparts.

The signs of a good selling opportunity include (but are by no means limited to):

  • A very low (perhaps < 5) amount of uncut epics available
  • Multiple cut gems selling for less than their uncut counterparts
  • A sharp rise in prices of a popular cut gem(s)

The market is moving, make sure you are moving accordingly. In put it in PVE terms, don’t stand in the purple AH fire.



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4 responses to “Raw Epic Gems on the Rise

  1. Twan

    Demand is up on doomhammer as well.

  2. Rob

    I’ve been seeing this too on Dawnbringer. For example the majestic zircons were always at 150g or so, then suddenly they just jumped. Now 180g is the new norm. Sadly JCs haven’t really adjusted to this and still price at 200g, which significantly dents profits.

    I think the reason is obvious, everyone was stockpiling ore and what not, and now the resultant gem stock is depleted. The only thing keeping this market going is alchemy transmutes (which makes alchemy a slow but easy profit, 100g a day)

  3. BigFire

    I’m a JC, though that’s mainly for my own benefit, and not for money making. My main source for raw gem has been converting the useless hero and valor emblem into gems. I have a feeling that has been what most raiders do with their excess emblems.

    Well, the supplies are closed to being completely depleted, so the raw gem price is going up.

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