Remember the Frost

As we progress through the end-game and high-end crafting it is common to overlook some of the items that we crafted along the way. One particular set of items that many crafters neglect is Frost Resistance Gear. These items still sell well in the auction house and, in many cases, are not stocked at all by crafters. This presents an opportunity for the savvy craftsman in that there is still a demand for the goods but an often limited supply.

While the utility of frost resistance gear is debatable the fact that players still buy it is not. It still sells- at lower but still profitable prices- and you’d be overlooking a gold making opportunity if you didn’t stock the at least one of each item in the AH. Many players stopped making frost resistance gear a few months after WotLK was released and the market for these items became heavily saturated and prices dropped. The market, at the time, was over supplied while demand also dwindled as guilds progressed beyond Naxxramas. Currently, however, demand remains constant while many suppliers don’t even bother crafting the items. Since the price of the crafting materials of the gear has dropped sharply post-patch 3.2, the gear is once again profitable to craft and sell. Put another way, why drop your Frozen Orb in the AH for 30-40 gold when you can add a few eternals and a couple of base materials to craft a resist piece and charge quadruple that amount or more?

Frost resistance gear is not a huge seller and it is not something to go into direct competition with other traders over, but it is an area of crafting that still has demand and market. You may also find it helpful, for your own crafting and playing endeavors, to understand how resistance works. Be sure, if you are capable of crafting such gear, that there is at least one of each frost resist item in your professional capacity stocked in the AH at all times. Play around with pricing and charge the maximum amount that you can sell the items for when you don’t have competition.


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  1. Rob

    I haven’t gotten into this market, but can look into it. My feeling is that it just doesn’t sell, and there really isn’t a demand. Except.

    The 3 piece leather melee set is perfect for bear tanks when fully gemmed for stamina. So this may be worthwhile.

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