The Best Bank Alt

The WoWenomics team was asked to brainstorm their thoughts on what makes the best bank or Auction House alt. Here are the a few of their ideas:

  1. Private Guild
    First and foremost, a bank alt should have their own guild. We won’t get too deep into the specifics of why beyond saying that it is the most inexpensive storage solution for mass amounts of materials. Bag slots per capita are cheaper when paying for a brand new guild and a few bank tabs then when purchasing additional personal bank slots and crafting or purchasing large bags. Further, you can better categorize your materials by naming and selecting an appropriate icon for tabs (herbs, ore, gems, consumables, etc.). Zekta’s got a nice write up of the benefits to creating your own guild. Definitely worth a look.
  2. Speed
    A selling alt should have fast movement speed. Faster than other players anyway. The idea is that you often have to run back and for the between mail box, the bank and the AH. You want a player that has skills that enable this sort of fast movement. If its something you’re going to be doing lots of, you want to save as many seconds as possible.
  3. Professions
    No need for a gathering skill. Your bank alt will be spending the majority of their time in capital cities so there should be very little gathering involved. You may wish to choose gathering professions while leveling your bank alt and then switch to crafting professions later after you’ve attained the desired level. If you can’t let go of your farmer, we’ve advocated previously that your main should be your farmer as that toon will be spending the majority of its time out in the world. That said, it we understand if your play style prohibits that type of setup. The only thing we min/max around here is our wallets. Just remember that there’s no need to have a gathering skill on your banker. It’s a wasted profession. Ideally your profession should be something that has a neat cool down that provides a unique benefit every day or so also. This way, on days that you can’t really play, you can at least log in for a few seconds on a single toon (one that already has all your materials) and activate your cooldowns and log right back out.
  4. Additional Skills
    We like the idea of maximizing profits. If you’re going to be on your bank alt standing around the cities, why not choose a class that allows you to benefit from an additional skill. Rogues that provide lockbox opening services and water boys that also sell ports come immediately to mind. Both of these skills are fairly easy to level although mages have the edge in terms of easy skill leveling. At any rate, choosing a class that grants an additional, albeit negligible, amount of income is a nice bonus.
  5. Reputation
    This one is overlooked most often by amateur players. If your banker toon is also going to be doing a lot of your AH buying and selling, it will pay off to have a toon that is at least honorable with the city in which you are conducting business. Raise your reputation with this toon and save gold over the long term.
  6. Limit Spending
    There is no need for your bank toon to have expensive mounts, toys or BoE gear. Bear in mind that this toon will mostly sit in the cities and generate gold. Don’t bother buying expensive stuff that won’t get used and instead save the money for upgrades on your other toons. Remember that saving gold is as important as generating gold when it comes to profits.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started in creating a profitable bank or AH alt. What other ideas can you think of to maximize alt production?



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11 responses to “The Best Bank Alt

  1. Dan

    Something related to the best bank alt that I’d suggest running: The best crafting alts. All of my bank alts are 53 or higher (at this time) for one simple reason: a good number of them are also crafting alts.

  2. Impulse

    Great tips, i use most of these, though I disagree with the last one slightly. Bank toons gotta be well dressed in their tuxes after all ^.~

  3. First of all, tyvm for the comment you left me some days ago, I’m back to blogging after some months of too time consuming RL work =)

    Regarding your post of I would suggerst to to place your alt in Stormwind as now there is a shiny mailbox right outside Ah.
    Personally, I prefer lesser crowded place as Ironforge, where the chance to have low level pestering you is way lower.

  4. For the speed thing don’t forget minor run speed to boots. Since all my bank alts are level one (I delete them often to keep competition guessing who my sellers are) this saves a little time.

    Plus its only a few gold and you can put it on a pair of white boots and mail it to your new character. 🙂

  5. Mama Druid

    Great write up! I completely agree about your main being a gatherer… but the problem I’m having is that my main has all the rep for recipes only available from faction quartermasters. It’s difficult for me to see those recipes and think I’ll have to level another character to access them. Plus, the main is the highest level and able to skill up professions to their max.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped and powerleveled, dropped and powerleveled professions on my main as these dilemmas make it difficult for me to stick with any one profession on my main.

    I miss swooping down and picking an herb in flight form. 😦

  6. Nice post.
    I do wonder about leveling the bank alt past level one, however. Does the time invested to level the alt, professions, and reputation pay itself back enough to overcome the opportunity cost?
    Most of my bank/AH alts are lvl 1. I do have a level 30 pally with run speed talent because he was already level 28 from intermittent leveling, so I did level him to 30 before mounts were available.
    I suspect using higher level alts only becomes worth it if you were leveling them anyway, but decided to stop actively playing them and then it makes sense to park them in front of that mailbox.

  7. I jumped on the RAF leveling so I have a large selection of 60’s for my bank alts. My rogue with sprint is my favorite.

  8. Zamboni

    My bank alts are usually 350 Enchanting so they can disenchant right at the mailbox.

    For gear, a few runs through Stratholme will complete the Twill set, which is a change from the tuxedos that most bankers use.

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