Announcing Two New WoW Gold Blogs

We’d like to extend a warm WoWenomics welcome to the following WoW Gold blogs:

AH-Whoring– A new blog focused on building wealth mostly through auction house exploitation. We particularly like that the author starts off most posts with a “Current Gold” and “Currently Working On” report. It gives us a deeper insight into the mind of a fellow WoW Trader. Good stuff.

All My Nuts– The Nuts blog has an intimate look into the author’s sack (hmm, poor wording choice perhaps?) and how they make their gold. We like the no-holds-barred approach to discussing their strategies, markets and competitors. This blog is actually not new so much as it is recently returned from hiatus. As such, stop by and welcome the author back.

Somewhat ironically, both of these new gold blogs have chosen adult themed names. We’re not sure what that says about the state of our chosen hobby but there you go. Regardless of the names, rest assured that both blogs are completely safe for work although you might have an interesting time explaining the URLs to your web administrators.

Of course, we’ve also added both of these blogs to our side bar and our resources page so be sure to click the links and check back in with them regularly.


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2 responses to “Announcing Two New WoW Gold Blogs

  1. DaHl

    I cannot really stop laughing, I am, right now in tears!
    Seems like you guys miss the the words joke between the title and the profile image with the squirrel, but I guess it’s okey ^^

    Tyvm for the mention and the link, hope you will enjoy the reading!

  2. I don’t have a squirrel excuse, I’m just a bit of an auction house whore 😉

    Thank you again for the mention and the link!

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