The Chef’s Hat

Cooking can be incredibly profitable. Whether you’re simply completing the daily cooking quest for a few gold plus converting and selling herbs for the lucrative proceeds or you’re pursuing additional opportunities for greater profits through cooked goods, cooking can bring in the gold. The real bonus is that this gold is above and beyond that generated from your main professions since cooking is a secondary skill. So, assuming you’ve pursued the opportunity of cooking, should you purchase the Chef’s Hat?

Chef’s Hat Facts:

Worth It?

The most direct route to answering the question of whether or not the hat is worth it depends on the value of the hat on your server and the amount of cooking that you perform. To find the answer to the question of your server’s cost, we have to examine the going rate of Northern Spices. The AH cost of spices vary from server to server but, on average, we’ve found their cost to be in the area of 1.5 gold each. So assuming the cost of each spice is 1.5 gold, and the hat costs 1,000 spices (or 100 cooking tokens) the base opportunity cost of the hat is 1,500 gold. Now, this is hardly scientific since there are several variables. Namely, there are more profitable ways to spend your spices if you also have meat and a savvy trader will have the ability to get spices much cheaper. However, 1,500 G is a good base price to start your hat price evaluation from.

Is it worth 1,500 gold to save up to 3.5 seconds on cooking per item? That depends how much you cook. The dedicated chefs in our group claim to cook hundreds of items in a single session and swear by the hat. They say that, while the cost of the hat may be 1,500 gold or more, all the time saved is worth significantly more.

So purchasing the hat is certainly worth it if you cook regularly. If you’re just a casual chef, then it probably isn’t for you and you’re best off selling your spices. However, if that phrase made your cringe, and the very thought of selling your precious spices made you shudder because you cook in the game regularly, you might want to think about getting yourself a new hat.

The Pampered WoW Chef

Finally, if you are truly a dedicated chef you’ve got to go all the way and get yourself an nice weapon to fit the part. There are a few options out there but our favorites are the baker version and the butcher variety. Actually, if you wanted to take it to the extreme you can find entire WoW cooking outfits to match your obsession.

Side note: This hat was initially intended to be a cosmetic, or ‘flavor’, item. Blizzard said as much in a forum post but ultimately changed their minds after pressure from the community. From a WoWenomics perspective, we would not have advised purchase of the hat if it had remained just for show.



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7 responses to “The Chef’s Hat

  1. Zamboni

    If your going to get they hat, you might as well put it to use.

    A la cuisine!

  2. Absolutely an enjoyable read! While I don’t spend a particular large amount of time with my secondary professions due to my tendency to play a new toon every few months, I know that my boyfriend was toying with purchasing this item. I will be sure to refer him to this article to reinforce that the hat is not just for roleplay or to give him an excuse to spam me with sound effects like ‘BLAM!’ =).

  3. I haven’t done the cooking daily for a couple of months now due to an overabundance of emblems (and I make my money other ways); I didn’t pay attention to the hat and wasn’t aware of the cooking time change.
    Now I’ll have to get one (and maybe even start making money cooking) 🙂

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  5. When I’m not wearing the chef hat, I’m jamming my second profession…drums!

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