Funny Money- Signs of a Brighter Future

Last week on Funny Money we commented on signs of our cultural decline. This week we focus on the positive.

Here’s your ‘awwwww’ moment of the week: Kids from a NY school actually improve upon an already awesome song by The Cure.

Speaking of New York, how bad can the economy be if local news announcer Ernie Anastos still has a job after pulling this stunt. Check out the female reporter’s face… priceless. (NSFWish– depends how good your neighbor’s hearing is and how uptight the boss is)

Since we mention awkward, we should probably point out the most awkward moment of the year thus far: “Oh, you mean… Oh I see… So that was yesterday… Well, never mind then.” (note, probably NSFW. Not really bad but could cause your own awkward incident). Seriously though, I think that chick is in my guild.

The official list of best/worst professionals to date was released. Sadly, we fall on the wrong side of the equation (knew I shoulda ditched college for pizza delivery school!)

This movie just looks badass. Fellow nerds, Rejoice!

You’ve been a great audience. See you next week for more Funny Money!

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