Helpful New Gold Making Guide Posted at MMO Champion

The heavyweight of WoW news and information, Boubouille of the ubiquitous MMO Champion, has posted an extraordinary new WoW gold making guide. The guide focuses heavily on the deployment of a few addons, namely Auctioneer and QA2. For the most part, the information is centered around the art of D/Eing for profit but the guide really shines in the areas of clear and direct explanations of setting up the addons and in sharing an extremely helpful spreadsheet for calculating costs and projecting estimated profits.

Boubouille promises that there is much more to come and we can’t wait to see it. This is a great write up (we’ve come to expect no less from MMO Champion of course) and all WoW traders are advised to give it a look and show some support for this wonderful effort.



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7 responses to “Helpful New Gold Making Guide Posted at MMO Champion

  1. I really got a lot from his guide too, because I have both a JC and Enchanter. I’ve started following his tips already. I agree it’s very well laid out.

  2. isnarn

    yeah this is great… if u like all mats being bought out at inflated prices and the market being bombed with enchanting mats….. way to cause inflation mmo chumps.

  3. Thomas Jespersen

    Markco from Just My Two Copper got a response up on how to make money on people using the guide 🙂

  4. I’d also be curious about the economic impact of such a dominant site as MMO-C producing a ‘how to’ guide and in theory then changing the market dynamics.

    • Truth. MMO can definitely move the market. Another thing to watch for.

      The whole ‘craft then DE’ thing has been pretty well run into the ground on my server at this point, so much so that I can actually profit from selling my boe greens now! People are often paying more for the greens than the items they DE into…

  5. I have jc, enc, and made over 22k g following his tips. I made most of my gold from
    Bloodstone Band
    Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
    Sun Rock Ring
    Crystal Citrine Necklace

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