Abyssal Shatter

The Enchanting ability, Abyssal Shatter, was hotfixed onto EU servers this morning.  This ability allows for conversion of Abyss Crystals into either Infinite Dust or Greater Cosmic Essence.  If the spell results are left unchanged, there will be significant economic impact.

Shattering crystals requires an enchanting skill of 445 and can reportedly yield as many as 18 dusts or 4 essences.

Prices are already starting to move on EU servers to reflect the above stated changes.  Players on US servers have somewhat of an advantage here in that, since they did not yet receive the hotfix, they have an early warning of the impending change.  US early adapters will be able to play a bit of insider trading and move the markets before they move themselves.

It is worth noting that there will also be some trickle down consequences on related enchantment materials markets such as enchanted vellums and other items that require these materials but this change may require more time to take effect. 

Over the long haul, it would be our expectation that the prices of Infinite Dust, Greater Cosmic Essence and Abyss Crystals will all normalize such that the price of 1 Abyss Crystal, 15-18 Infinite Dust, and 2-3 Greater Cosmic Essence all equal about the same amount.  Until this happens, however, there will be ample opportunity to take advantage of price disparity.



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9 responses to “Abyssal Shatter

  1. Rob

    Fascinating news. As expected this isnt’ on the US live servers *yet*.

  2. Time for Great purchase…

    This will take a week or two to hit Taiwan server
    and Hopefully one of my friend can get his stock of Inf. Dust out quick enough…

  3. Mizio

    Abyssal shatter is just not worth it.

    Avarge price for an abyssal = 30g
    Avarge return from a shatter = 20g (using my realms pricing at the moment)
    Avarage price for a ring that returns the same mats = 12g

    I can safely say, I wont be shattering the abyssals I have stocked just yet. will wait till the markets right then sell at a proffit.

  4. You would expect that, but as I remember in BC, the various shards never seemed to average out as would be expected, so there was some profit to be found by breaking or forming shards.

    My expectation is that abyssals will surge, and them plummet as people go “Oh look, high prices, I’d better sell fast! Oh no, the price is going down, I’d better undercut to make sure I sell!” I wonder if I could use my guild’s bank to provide mats for shortselling…

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  6. Whats the news on this? Almost seems like a scam to dump crystals.

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