How Much Should You Tip Other Players?

Okay, this one comes by way of our team’s mage. It would seem that I’ve offended him to a certain degree with my repeated references to his beloved class as vending machines and QQ dispensers. While I stand by my comments on the least threatening/most squishy of all DPS classes (but hey, they do portals right?), I will appease him with the post he has been bitching about humbly requesting that we post for so very long. So, this one’s for our resident jewelcrafter and favorite mage. We now proudly give you a guide to proper tipping in WoW.

First, a small disclaimer: This was hardly scientific. What we did to determine each tip level was to first take a poll amongst the WoWenomics team members, and then subsequently asked each member to take an informal poll amongst the population of their trade channels. Members were asked to continue polling the population, ideally at different times of day, until they reached fifty responses each. We dared not stay for much more than fifty as it is our understanding that too much WoW trade chat can make your brain fall out of your ear and your eyes bleed. We asked only four questions, and provide both the team’s opinions and the thoughts (if they can be called ‘thoughts’) of trade chat responders.

Without further ado, our recommended tipping levels for popular WoW services:

Mage Portals

WoWenomics Team Average: 8 gold
Trade Channel Average: 6 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 20 gold
Craziest Response Received: “The amount of their reagent cost. Why should it cost more?”

Lock Boxes Opened

WoWenomics Team Average: 5 gold
Trade Channel Average: 2 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 20 gold
Craziest Response Received: “Free.”

Epic Gem Cuts (petitioner’s materials)

WoWenomics Team Average: 25 gold
Trade Channel Average: 19 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 60 gold
Craziest Response Received: “My balls. That’s how much.”

High End Enchantments/Crafting (petitioner’s materials)

WoWenomics Team Average: 90 gold
Trade Channel Average: 60 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 500 gold
Craziest Response Received: “Can you please shut up with your stupid survey?”

So there you have it. Hardly scientific but we do hope it gives you some idea as to how you might want to tip. We also hope that it helps our mage get better tips (he apparently spends a lot of time ‘explaining’ how much his customers ‘should’ tip him). Now go make me some biscuits water boy!

What do you think? What are the fair amounts to tip for these (and other) services?



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9 responses to “How Much Should You Tip Other Players?

  1. Zardilann

    I think this is a rather interesting survey. I usually demand 20g for doing any amount of enchants (when I can be bothered to press the macro), but have been know to myself pay up to 100g for rare recipes to speed up the process of finding a crafter.

  2. Hesperus

    For most “class” type services, I have always gone by the “10s” rule… 10 silver per level of the toon performing the service. If a lvl 80 rogue opens a box, thats 800s or 8g. If a lvl 40 ports me to Theramore, He gets 4g. Since its a class skill, anyone of that class “should” have it, and by pushing the button, they gain an amount close to that of a daily quest. If one rogue won’t open your box for that amount, there is a good chance the next one might.

    As for crafting goods, it all depends on how rare the recipe is. If I want something crafted that is an item most people will make to level up, I don’t see as why I should tip more (gnomish army knife? 10g tip? huh?). If its a recipe that requires much more (lore master for cloaks, for example) then the tip should go be more.

    Its all supply and demand, honestly. Put the contract up for bid! Thats what trade channel is for, right?!?

  3. Rob

    It is supply and demand, and with those lock picking prices, I’m glad I either throw them away or give them to guildies. 8g for a lock-pick on a box that holds a green that can be vendored for 6g? Do you see the logic? Once way back in the day, i got some rogue to do it, and i tipped pretty well, and I figured out that I tipped more than that contents of the box. At that point I gave up altogether.

    Epic gems on our server usually go for 10-15g, which is why i almost never respond to trade adverts (and dont you like ‘Need JC for X rare cut for which there are a ton in the AH (from me) but I feel like being cheap’. Hey, i’d do it too to save money (sometimes), but as a professional I still get peaved.

    So…yeah if you actually want your AH business to sell, dont offer your services in trade.

    Through JC and enchanting the last week or two I made more money that I ever had in wow (just 5k which isn’t much for most of you, but a ton for me).

  4. I rarely mess with these exchanges myself, for the reasons others avoid them. I’m certainly glad I have guildies for most things I can’t do myself, and if it’s important enough, then I’ll pay the AH premium.

    Providing services myself? I usually negotiate in advance, and it’s usually 20g for most BS/JC recipes. For current TOC recipes, it’s 100g. On my alts that enchant/etc., I’ve even returned a tip when they went over my agreed price. Why? Because if I’m willing to do the service for less, if that person’s buddy recommends me I get more volume and more profit over time.

  5. Depends on how hard the recipe was to come by. If it’s an enchant recipe you can buy for dream shards acquired farming heroics, 10g. If it’s an epic JC recipe that can only be had doing dailies or w/ expensive titanium powder, 20g. If it’s something that only drops in Uld or ToC, then in the 50g-100g range.

    I’m a JC/Ench and it’s never worth my time to respond to ‘lf jc/ench my mats + tip’ in the trade channel. So when I’m the one doing that, I usually spam ‘my mats + 100g tip’.

  6. Mizio

    Speaking about portal it’s depend also from the city. From Silvermoon ,Shatt or TB to Dala for example even 25g. Usually in the other city it’s easier to find a mage around.
    My best was 30g for a portal from Dalaran to Undercity (no, it’s not a mistake) to a 65 lvl. Maybe it wasn’t fair, but he was so disperate……

  7. @Mizio
    Back in BC I was in a group with just my mage friend. We were standing in the center of shatt. He invited someone to the party and opened a portal to org. That guy paid 5 gold and took the portal, then thanked him for it. I could see both the shatt portal and his portal to org on my screen.

    As far as tips go, I tip good. I paid someone 300G to craft my ToC bracers after he told me it would cost 200G. Now that I have the 4 ToC patterns, I charge 200G but will dip to 100 if I think I can still make the sale.

  8. I tend to offer 20g tip per mage portal to Dalaran – as that normally means instantly you get a response and a portal.

    It seems logical to pay +10g more than ‘expected’ and get an instant portal than to wait around for 20 minutes.

    Not only that, but almost every time the mage feels like it’s too much – I’m not sure if any have ever actually excepted the full amount more than once or twice!

  9. Arcanas

    These are some average stats for 50 mage portals I did today:
    Highest tip: 40g (for Ironforge to Theramore from a lvl 85)
    Lowest tip: 1g (from Darnassus to Stormwind from a lvl 12)
    Most common amount to tip: 10g

    My standard advertising tactic is to offer free portals but say tips appreciated, out of 50 portals today not one didn’t result in a tip of more than 1g, I also offer them complimentary mage food when I meet them.

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