The Loot Council- October 4, 2009

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.


  • First off, two more new WoW gold blogs are on the scene. Today we welcome Dark’s Guide to Gold and Trowlcat to the game. These blogs are also now listed on our sidebar and Resources page. Check them out and give them a warm welcome.
  • We also wanted to point out that the Misc. blog is now listed on our Resources page. This is a great blog that we’ve mentioned previously and is well worth a look.

In WoW Finance News

In Real Business News

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.


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One response to “The Loot Council- October 4, 2009

  1. Mizio

    Hello Guy,
    I had a look to the old post but I didn’t find anything about buy and resale pets.
    I currently doing quite good golds looking for pet in AH and resale them.
    TBH is a risky business…..but nevertheless It would be interesting to heard about that in other server.

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