Crusader Orbs Rising in Price

…Well, slightly anyway. We’re seeing Crusader Orbs rising in price slightly across six auctions houses per faction side that we tested. That is to say that 12 out of 12 tested auction houses are showing increased prices as compared to our last assessment 10 days ago. We speculate that this rise in price is for the very reasons we initially predicted such movement, but we also do not believe that the orbs will return to their earlier levels of value (in the 3,000+ Gold range) ever. The orbs dipped on some servers to below 1,000 Gold for a few weeks and testing of these same servers showed that they are now going for 1,100 or more. Eventually, prices will hit a ceiling and come back down but, for now, they seem to be continuing to rise. With a deposit amount of only 36 Silver for a 48-hour auction, it may now be time to put up your Crusader Orbs for sale at prices slightly above current market value with long-term auction durations.



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2 responses to “Crusader Orbs Rising in Price

  1. Rob

    I’m actually quite invested in this market. Do not enter this market if losing 10k or 20 easily would upset you. It continues to be extremely volatile.

    My guess is that they will continue to decrease in price gradually until the next patch, at that point they will plunge to about 100g each.

  2. I’d be curious to hear some further forecasting on their value once 3.3 is out. Whilst supply will reduce, remember the new daily quests for raids will mean Crusader will be the most popular weekly raid for PUGs, and thus the Orbs will be spread around outside guilds. Demand will probably reduce too.
    I wonder what the price equilibrium will be in 3.3 and would be interested to hear more about that.

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