Shuffling Decks

We’ve previously examined the effect that the arrival of the Darkmoon Faire has on other markets but with it being back in town at present it is perhaps time to share another small yet profitable tip. As we’ve already mentioned, there is profit to be made by timing your purchases and sales around the price spikes created by the faire, but there is also a significant amount of gold to be made by simply turning in completed decks during the faire and then selling the resulting BoE trinkets at the midway point.

The fact that the higher-end decks can only be turned in for one week a month creates an artificial demand spike for the resulting trinkets during the period between fairs. If you are clever enough to catch the decks (or cards if that’s your thing) at low points in price, you can turn them in yourself, hold on to the trinkets for a couple of weeks and then sell the trinkets for a hefty profit when most of the competition is back to selling decks. All it takes is a short ride over to the fair’s location that month. By simply making a play on the patience of other players (or, more specifically, the lack thereof) you can generate a few hundred extra gold every month.

The best part of this strategy is that, not only can you make more gold from the decks, but you also get to keep the faction reputation gain for yourself which is helpful if you’re edging towards insanity.


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One response to “Shuffling Decks

  1. Frizzl

    A few hundred gold a month is an understatement, I’ve been easily welling greatness cards for 5.5k+ between Faires after buying the cards or decks for 3.5-4k per deck. Obviously this requires a large amount of initial gold and the willingness to tie it up for a couple weeks, but its easy money.

    The margins on Death and Illusion cards are rapidly falling now that regular TOC and badges can gear you out with some really nice trinkets with minimal work. I’ll make prism decks for 300g ish and undeath decks for 500-600g and sell the cards later for 750 and 1100 gold respectively.

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