Abyssal Shatter Test Results

When we first received word that the Abyssal Shatter enchanting spell would be coming to the game we asked our resident enchanting expert if she would be interested in conducting some testing on the ability. She was keen on the idea so we sent a whole bunch of gold over and told her to get busy. A week later, when we hadn’t heard from her, we realized she took this to mean ‘free shopping spree’ and not ‘collect Abyss Crystals’ so we gave her more specific instructions and yet more gold with which to buy up inexpensive Crystals. Shortly after the Abyssal Shatter ability went live we had our results (and she still had her motorcycle). At any rate, the following are the results of our tests.

This chart shows the results of each shatter (click it for larger image)

Abyssal Shatter Test Results

Detailed Results

Number of Crystals Shattered: 128
Cosmic Essence Returned: 89
Infinite Dust Returned: 39
Percent Chance to Receive Essence: 69.53%
Percent Chance to Receive Dust: 30.47%

Cosmic Essence Results

Lowest Amount Received: 1
Highest Amount Received: 6
Average Amount Received: 2.99
Total Amount Collected: 266

Infinite Dust Results

Lowest Amount Received: 7
Highest Amount Received: 19
Average Amount Received: 9.79
Total Amount Collected: 382

We hope you find this information useful for your own enchanting purposes. Please note that all published results are from live servers and not test realms.



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12 responses to “Abyssal Shatter Test Results

  1. Thanks for those details. So looking at your numbers, this formula should help people decide if they should shatter or not.

    ID * 9.79 * .3047 + CE * 2.99 * .6953 = Abyssal break even value

    • jederus

      Indeed that is the equation sir. We are actually working on a post for later tonight concerning this equation. Check back then- At least so you can check our math 🙂

  2. This confirms results I’ve seen- I averaged out the reports from beta reported on various sites, and came to the conclusion that on average, a single shard will give you 2 cosmic essences and 3 dust. Of course, no single shard can do that, but if you do enough of them, that’s what you’ll see.

    • jederus

      Hi Euripides,

      It would have been much cheaper to use the info publicly out there but ultimately we went with just going it ourselves. Really wanted to hit 200 shatters but that would be pushing it financially.

      On another note, we are all fans of the OutDPS site and highly recommend all readers go check out this fantastic WoW resource.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Driving prices mad on doomhammer this week, sheeesh!

    • jederus

      Hi Twan, this is the first time we’ve seen a link in your user name. Glad to see you’ve got a blog going and look forward to reading your future posts.

  4. Kurtosis

    What’s the difference b/t ‘Cosmic Essence Returned: 89’, and ‘Total Amount (CE) Collected: 266?’ If in both cases you shattered 128 crystals, why are those numbers different?

    And same question w/ infinite dusts.

    • jederus

      Hi Kurtosis, Number Returned refers to the number of specific results out of all the shatters. This is to say that of 128 shatters, we got (or were ‘returned’) Cosmic Essence 89 times and Infinite Dust 39 times.

      The total amount collected, on the other hand, is just that, the 89 different Cosmic Essence returns added up to a total of 266 individual Essence collected.

      You might also note here that this is how we calculate the average number of essence (or Dust for that matter) per shatter. Of the 89 Essence returns, we got 266 total. Hence, 266/89=2.99.

      Hope this clears things up and thanks for stopping by.

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