Long Term Value of the Haunted Memento

One of the more unique items we’ve come across in WoW is the Haunted Memento. This item, a fairly common drop from certain mobs during the scourge invasion event leading up to the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, allows for your character to be followed around by a shadowy phantom.

The Haunted Memento can be traded with other players and even thrown to others (thereby haunting someone else). It is in this tradable nature of the item that we begin to see the WoWenomic value of holding on to these Mementos long term. Assuming that there are no future opportunities to attain one, they can only go up in value. Already they are regularly selling in the Auction House for 800 or more whereas they sold for less than 200 during the actual event. Should you decide to pick a few of these up for resale at some point in the future (perhaps, for example, well into the release of Cataclysm) they should fetch a hefty sum on the market. Of course, as we mentioned, buying and holding these also assumes Blizzard will not make them more readily available at another time so trade at your own risk.

If you’re going to get into the Haunted Memento market you will want to be aware that it is a unique item. If you are storing them long term, you’ll have to get creative in how you do so. One suggestion is to mail them between characters and, if necessary, even level one alts as there is no level requirement to having one.

At any rate, conduct a few scans for this item on your server’s AH and see if you can’t pick a couple up at a reasonable price and store them away for sale some point in the future. Currently, we try to purchase them at prices lower than 400 gold and resell them in the realm of 1,000. The best deal we’ve found was 100 gold but such deals are rare. You might also try your luck advertising for these items in the /trade channel but do so sparingly as the market is fairly small and a savvy trader will want to steer clear of any otherwise avoidable competition.



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15 responses to “Long Term Value of the Haunted Memento

  1. Ha, I checked to see if anyone had done this – they’re up on my server for 8000g. *rolls eyes*

  2. I had one on Gravity, and loved it as a companion. Suited a DK, kind of spooky ghostly thing following you around. On my re-roll DK, I’m tempted to buy one for my own uses and not profit. Didn’t realise how valuable they are now!

  3. Hoshisabi

    The easiest trick to holding more than one of these unique items (or any other unique item) is to immediately relist it on the AH. There is no deposit, so you can feel free to relist it for a ridiculous price.

    If it sells, hooray! You made money. If not, then you are basically storing it on the AH.

    Now, go get another one from your mailbox and repeat it.

    You can have as many listed on the AH as you own, and when they expire they all end up in your mailbox along with your other expired auctions.

    If you’re like me and regularly relist your auctions, every now and then you’ll have a spot in your mailbox where there’s an extra 1 or 2 of these things, just pick it up with the next load of stuff that you relist.

    (Or let it sit in your mailbox, where it will be safe for 30 days)

    Free storage, you don’t even have to pay the 30c that you normally pay for postage.

    • jederus

      Great tip! Also worth noting that those of us that have their own guilds for banking purposes can store more than one at once in their guild bank.

  4. First off kudos for the blog it’s been a daily read for me for a quite a while now. Hope you guys keep posting.

    As for the Haunted Memento keep another thing to keep an eye out for is any recipes that come around during World Events, those that are a quest reward or purchasable and not BoP. In the past I’m not sure what I did with items like this, but now I’ll be sure to stash some away for a nice profit.

  5. Will start looking, thanks!

  6. tunasaladin

    Well I really wonder how many people have read this. Prices of them have gone through the roof on my server and are already selling at over 1k.

    • jederus

      While it’s flattering to think that more than five people read what we write it’s probably a regular fluctuation in price. I personally observed prices above 1,000 myself this weekend but still managed to pick up two: one from /trade chat for 400 and another on the AH for only 250! Score!!!

  7. celarion

    lol my mate gave me one of these. I’ve been carrying it around for agest now. Just checked what they were worth on the AH: 8500 min, 14000 max.

    Good tip, man!

  8. Jason

    They’re going for 1800 and cheaper on Dragonmaw. Found one on AH for 666 gold. A fitting price for my lil friend that follows me now…I call him Shady 🙂

  9. Coe

    Ive heard that this item is being taken out of the game, is there any basis to this claim?

  10. Aethicus

    I just sold mine on Korgath/Horde for 3800g. Wowhead shows the average buyout at 2100g.

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