Titanium Dropping in Price

The WoWenomics team was discussing Titanium Ore recently and all team members agreed that the prices are down from their peak just a few weeks ago. Whereas typical prices for a stack of ore were reported as being in the area of 350 gold or more, we searched ten auction houses across five servers last night and found stacks available for buyouts at sub-300 levels on seven of the ten auction houses. We cannot say definitively how much prices are dropping since we have not been statistically recording the prices across servers but, anecdotally at least, it would appear that the ore, and goods and services related to the ore, are currently on the decline.

The reasons for the drop in price of Titanium are probably a combination of:

  • Increased supply– Titanium Ore has been so profitable for so many weeks that many more players are jumping into the farming for resale market, causing a certain amount of over-supply.
  • Decreased demand– As epic gem prices drop and stabilize perhaps Jewelcrafters are finding high ore prices intolerable.

In fact, one interesting correlation that we noted in our research was that of the seven servers that showed lower ore prices, every single one showed decreased epic gem prices. Prices for uncut gems on these servers were typically within the area of 140-150 gold. It may be that epic gem prices can be used as an early indicator of the direction of Titanium Ore. If you are in the ore market, either buying or selling, you might want to also look into the prices of epic gems to determine your optimal pricing and/or farming strategy before you set out on your daily quest for profits.

It is impossible to say if the observed decline in Titanium prices is here to stay of if this is just part of the cyclic nature of the WoW economy but, for the time being at least, we are rating Titanium Ore as a sell.



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8 responses to “Titanium Dropping in Price

  1. Rob

    Agreed, sell. Smart JCs know there is no way way they can break even from prospecting Ti at these prices. Even 300 is too high. 150 would be probably about break even, but I dont think we’ll get that high. The alchemists and people who do battlegrounds are in all likelyhood giving us 99% of the epic gems on the market.

    On our server too the epic uncut gems are declining, and so are the epic cuts. Nowadays 200g for an epic cut is typical with a 150g raw gem. I’ll take the 50g profit, thanks.

    There will be occasionally market irregularities where the raw gems sell for more than the cut gems. In this case, just back out of the market. I dont post my gems for 10g or 20g more than the raw gems, i’ll post for at least 20g profit, up to 50g. 10g is no profit at all (when you consider AH fees).

  2. One question I’m still unsure of is whether ore will increase again for 3.3. It probably will, but the question is how much.

    Will their be new JC recipes? That would make the biggest difference. Of course, raiders will have a slew of new gear to gem so that will help too.

    On my server, ore is still selling at about 16-17 per; if it declines to about 14 before 3.3, it may be worth trying a bit of ‘buy and hold,’ but not too much. I suspect that ore may hit 18-20 briefly again at 3.3 release, and if so, it might be fairly simple to liquidate 20-40 stacks on the market, but more than that and prices will plummet again. I plan to have about that number of ore stacks to either cut epic gems or sell the ores directly depending on if there are new recipes. It’s a risk, but not a huge one.

  3. NannyOgg

    As stated in the latest Patchnotes (see mmo) the cooldown on Transmute Titanium will be removed. The price for titanium will be limited by the saronite cost – at least for blacksmiths, lowering the demand.

  4. Welcome to Supply and Demand 101.

    Just as herbs were in high demand when Inscription was released, and then dropped when everyone had them, so will ore. Eventually the market will even out, as more people supply more, and there are less people buying it, cause they can’t sell the products.

  5. Frizzl

    I’m one of those JC’s that is fed up with the Titanium prices. Once I burnt through my stockpile I switched over to buying the raw gems just like one of the commenters above, 50g profit per sale is fine by me.

    I will buy ore if I see stacks for under 300g, but profits assume I’m selling cut gems and all the titanium powder that I get. The raw gem prices on our server also seem to be dropping, down to about 130g average with 115g lows over the weekend as farmers undercut eachother. Luckily, the cut gem prices are holding steady at 200g so all this means is more profits until things catch up.

  6. oi

    Recently an auto mining/herbing feature on a very popular botting program (which I won’t name here) got realeased and robots have been flying around northrend farming. This probably had a significant impact on market prices.

  7. Rob

    I hate botting, but I once bought 10 stacks of Ti ore from someone who had to be a chinese farmer or botter. I mean how else could you get that? It’s like 10 hours of work easily. Maybe 20. I hate botting but I still take advantage of their cheap prices. Capitalism knows no morality.



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