Funny Money- One Man’s Trash…

This weekend one of our team members did a lot of PVPing to pass the time while the AH was down. Now he generally enjoys PVP so we weren’t surprised to hear that this is how he spent his time but we were taken aback when he said that he found an item dropped by one of the mobs in Wintergrasp that reminded him of a girl he ‘dated’ in his college days. The drop was just a common junk item but we began to understand his meaning when he further explained that the ex-girlfriend’s name was Cyrstal.



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2 responses to “Funny Money- One Man’s Trash…

  1. Oh lol that cracked me up!

  2. April

    You can fish up Slimy Bones in the slime near Thaddius. Always nice to slip your guild leader a slimy bone during raid. Or if you want to impress him, fish up a Large Slimy Bone from WC.

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