The Many Excuses of the Broke WoW Player

One of the downsides of having in-game wealth is that you frequently have to suffer the opinions of those who don’t. We put our heads together and came up with this list of some of the most common excuses we hear as to why a fellow player might be struggling with paying the repair bills.

  • “My professions are no good/Your professions are OP.”
  • “The Auction House is icky!”
  • “I’m too generous to be wealthy. I am too focused on helping my guild out to craft stuff for selling.”
  • “Stupid Blizzard, they designed this game so that only the people who can play all day can make gold.”
  • “Gold farmers keep driving prices up.
  • “Daily quests just don’t pay enough.”
  • “My [person I share account with] keeps taking all my gold.”
  • “Titanium/Arctic Fur/Frost Lotus drop rates are too low.”
  • “I read a tip on a WoW gold blog and it didn’t pan out. They were probably just trying to manipulate the market anyway!”
  • “The market for X item crashed and that was how I made my gold.”
  • “Who cares anyway? You don’t need lots of gold to play the game. Say, can I borrow 500g to buy this new piece of gear?”
  • “Raiding is too expensive. By the time I buy consumables, gems/enchants and repairs I don’t have anything left.”
  • “Damned undercutters!”
  • “Someone else took my farming route.”
  • “The economy on this server is ridiculous.” (note: works for all servers)
  • “Too much deflation, now I’m stuck with all these things I can’t sell.”
  • “I don’t want to read about making gold, that’s no fun. I want to just play.”
  • “How can I possibly make gold when I’m too busy trying to PVP, do arenas, raid, gain reputation and do the occasional dungeon?”
  • “I was hacked by this person that I gave my account information to and thought was my friend.”
  • “If it takes money to make money then where do I begin? I just need to borrow 100g to get started.”
  • “This one guy completely dominates the market and always crashes prices. He’s probably a [insert racist comment] gold farmer anyway. Someone should report him.”
  • “I am a casual player. I don’t have time to focus on making gold.”
  • “I spend all my gold helping out my friends.”

Interestingly, all of these excuses share a common trait and that is that it is not their fault. It is always the fault of someone else, something else or the market. At the end of the day, any decent WoW trader knows that there are no viable excuses. If you work at it enough, just like with other aspects of the game (and, in many cases, with real life) you can have anything you want. Stick with it, be smart and never give up.



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11 responses to “The Many Excuses of the Broke WoW Player

  1. Wall

    The strange thing is that the economy in WoW is rather easy to understand; it’s not a complex system. There’s really only one market (the AH) and the lowest seller usually wins the sell (quality or consumer support does not exist, as a Netherweave Bag mady by Legolazz is identical to one made by Addiddas, and the buyer and seller does not enter into any agreement whatsoever – consumer protection agencies does not exist).

    So the *only* thing people have to do in order to assure profit is to look at the going prices of materials, and the going prices of the final product. Incredibly many find this hard to accomplish. :S

  2. You forget the excuse: “I followed WoWenomics recommendation and bought lots of Crusader Orbs, but they keep falling in price instead of rising!” 🙂

  3. Redaurora

    I am truthful. I am just to lazy to keep up with it. I make a few hundred and then I just stop. A few weeks later I get back at it. 🙂

  4. Rob

    “This one guy completely dominates the market and always crashes prices. He’s probably a [insert racist comment] gold farmer anyway. Someone should report him.”

    This is to me the only valid complaint. There is very little you can do if someone is botting and willing to crash the market over and over again, other than try other markets (since we now know that Mr. Botter is spending 99% of his efforts in one market). The only thing you can do is throw money in the market and make sure it never gets profitable for him.

  5. If this article was in a foreign language, the subtitle in English for the whole sequence would be “I am a loser”.

  6. Ginncrotz

    This one:
    “How can I possibly make gold when I’m too busy trying to PVP, do arenas, raid, gain reputation and do the occasional dungeon?”

    looks pretty reasonable. Let me reword it a little:

    “I have 3 hours of leisure time, and WoW has 5 hours of leisure activity, making gold is my least favorite part, so I skip that one and still have way more stuff to do then time to do it!”

    In my case I _enjoy_ fiddling around with the AH, and when I get around to it I make gold. That is why I have about 1k~2k gold, most of the time. When I run into an upgrade and need to gem/enchant it I pay for that, and then spend whatever time I need to to make my gold come back up to 1k~2k and then go off and do other stuff I enjoy more.

    I understand 1k~2k isn’t very much gold compared to what most AH players can make in a short period of time, but it is also all I need. Seriously, if I know my repair bills won’t top 100g, my consumables won’t top 100g, then I actually have an order of magnitude more gold then I need.

    I’m perfectly happy with other deciding they need a “big gold score”, after all some folks like a big arena rating, others like having tons of honor, others a big gear score, and other lots of exalted reps. Nothing wrong with picking what you want off that list and going for it.

  7. Rob

    Been running to alot of ‘i can’t afford my repair bills’ guys lately. All i can say to them is don’t raid. It’s not my fault you didn’t take into account basic expenses. Then trying to get the raid to foot the bill or blame them for the wipes is just icing on the cake. There is a reason people deplore pugs, that’s one of them.

  8. There are many factors out of our control. But we can always control how we react to those factors, and that is where many people fail. When I saw that glyphs were flooded and prices crashed, I put my ink into vellums which for no good reason had next to no competition and were very profitable, until they too crashed. Now I’m searching for the next market.

    “Stick with it, be smart and never give up.” The ironic thing is that often the smart thing to do is not to stick with it, but instead to try something else. But people have their habits. My ore didn’t sell? I should undercut more!

    It is unfortunate that people forget the fundamental law of the WoW economy: People really really want to give you gold, you just have to find the right way to ask.

  9. John

    I’ve played WoW on and off since the game launched. For most of my playing “career” I’ve been in the camp of “heh, I have 1000g, I’m rich, now I can buy xxx.” There was always other stuff that seemed more interesting, and making gold wasn’t fun.

    About 8 months ago I finally made Justicar on my hunter and suddenly I wasn’t totally into PvP. I decided it was time to make some gold – I figured 20,000 to 30,000 would be more than enough for me. The problem is that it became interesting – and even addictive. Once you take the time to learn the AH and the tools available to help, making gold is a blast.

    Well, I just past 470,000 gold – multiple characters, of course. I expect I’ll make 500,000 by Christmas easily, and I’ve promised my wife I will then return to actually playing and helping to run the guild. She likes having gold to burn, but she also likes help 🙂

  10. Love your excuses, having heard many of them. My server is a newbie zone so a lot of these players have no idea how to get gold or mats. Worst case scenario that I ran into was a level 58 dk asking for less than 20 gold. Heck two or three quests and he would have had it. My first character learned the basics and none of my others have ever looked back.

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