What We Do

WoWenomics is a project dedicated to intelligent discussion on the World of Warcraft economy. We seek to stimulate debate, inform, learn and perhaps make a few gold in the process.

Who We Are

The WoWenomics team is comprised of a group of real-world financial professionals who also happen to be active World of Warcraft players. Many of them have discovered that in applying their business acumen to the World of Warcraft economy, they have become incredibly successful at the gold-making meta-game.

On Wall Street, it is standard that every analyst wear many professional hats. One of our number, Jederus, worked on various trading floors of Wall Street firms writing financial newsletters, investment tips, and marketing and web site copy. Having received no bail out money, he now serves as the team’s voice (AKA resident typing monkey). He is a terrible fisherman.

Tips, Comments, Suggestions and Feedback

We welcome all feedback from our readers. Please send any advice, guidance, feedback and suggestions to the typing monkey at Jederus@hotmail.com.