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Funny Money- Print is NOT Dead!

And they said print was dead…

It is common knowledge that a WoW Magazine was recently released. Due to the widespread success of this endeavor, Blizzard has now released another WoW magazine, this one dedicated to the official forums.

Forum Commenter Issue One
Forum Commenter Issue Two

Looks like they’ve really nailed their target audience here.

But what would happen if everyone got his or her own magazine? It would probably look something like this.


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Funny Money- Halloween is for Nerds (And That’s Why We Love It)

Halloween now safely behind us, it is time to have a fun look back at the best geeky moments of our favorite holiday.

  • Check out the Geek-O-Lanterns. Which one was your favorite? Ours was the Death Star. Ha! Freakin’ Awesome!
  • High-tech costumes were all the rage…
  • …But there were some standouts of the low-tech variety as well.
  • The Apple Store’s treats were really tricks. Still pretty cool though.
  • Want to freak out the kids that come to your door next year? Just build one of these.
  • Looks like the folks from The Today Show learned a thing or two about the dangers of drunken Ewoks. Meh, probably not but it was still the most entertaining thing we’ve seen on that show in years. It’s not every day that you see an Ewok dry-hump Al Roker’s leg.

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The Top 10 (Murphy’s) Laws of WoW Trading

Sometimes things just don’t go your way as a trader. Sometimes it seems as if the world is against you. We call these situations, the Murphy’s Laws of WoW trading.

10. If you really need a farmable material, and set out to go farm it, you will find lots of other materials but very little of what you are looking for. You will see, however, your guildmates finding lots of your target item in whatever zone they’re in. They will proceed to say things like, “Oh look, more Titanium. I wasn’t even looking for that tonight. LOL!”

9. Flying to that same zone yourself will only ensure that neither of you find any more of the target material.

8. Identifying a new, underserved niche market, that no other player has sold in for months, will always bring competitors who wish to supply that same market at exactly the same time.

7. The one item that is selling for an abnormally high amount on your server and you also have in stock and available for sale at the moment will also be the very item that your guild leader, significant other or best mate will be selling at the same time.

6. If you read that X item is a great investment or selling opportunity on one of the WoW blogs and set out to invest in this item yourself, you will quickly learn that you were the last of many people to read this advice and the opportunity will be long gone.

5. Hoarding an item for sale at a later time will ensure that that item never significantly increases in value. Instead…

4. …The item you decided not to hoard and have little supply of will spike in value.

3. Your farmer will disappear. Inevitably. The likelihood of their mysterious disappearance increases as your dependency on this person for your supply increases.

2. The higher the amount of the deposit on an item, the less likely it is that it will sell in a single sales cycle.

1. The percentage of completion of posting your auctions is proportional to the percent chance that your main competitors will log on. Thus, once you have posted 100% of your auctions, a competitor is 100% sure to log on and undercut you on each auction.

Any of these ever happen to you?


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Funny Money- One Man’s Trash…

This weekend one of our team members did a lot of PVPing to pass the time while the AH was down. Now he generally enjoys PVP so we weren’t surprised to hear that this is how he spent his time but we were taken aback when he said that he found an item dropped by one of the mobs in Wintergrasp that reminded him of a girl he ‘dated’ in his college days. The drop was just a common junk item but we began to understand his meaning when he further explained that the ex-girlfriend’s name was Cyrstal.


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Funny Money-Money, Beautiful Money

This week we explore the beauty of money

  • Some people feel that the US currency is boring so they’ve decided to jazz it up a bit.
  • Taken another direction, here’s some conceptual attempts at a redesign.
  • It wasn’t always boring though; we used to have some pretty badass currency.
  • CNBC did some globetrotting to find what they think is the prettiest money in the world.
  • Of course, it is what you do with it that matters most right?
  • We’re not the only ones who find art in the tools of commerce. One person dedicated a show to the fine art of giving away free money. On a related note, this is about the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen. Wonder why we weren’t invited…
  • We’d like to see what this guy would do with a currency design. Of course, we already have a hard enough time finding our money so maybe that’s not such a good idea after all.

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Funny Money-WoW, Professionally

The moments where WoW and Work intersect.

It’s hard work being a theoretical physicist

But apparently it is even harder being a gold farmer.

Of course, the game sometimes gets in the way of work.

Other times it is the game itself that feels like a job.

Finally, it’s good to know that if you work hard enough you can reach the highest level.

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Funny Money- Signs of a Brighter Future

Last week on Funny Money we commented on signs of our cultural decline. This week we focus on the positive.

Here’s your ‘awwwww’ moment of the week: Kids from a NY school actually improve upon an already awesome song by The Cure.

Speaking of New York, how bad can the economy be if local news announcer Ernie Anastos still has a job after pulling this stunt. Check out the female reporter’s face… priceless. (NSFWish– depends how good your neighbor’s hearing is and how uptight the boss is)

Since we mention awkward, we should probably point out the most awkward moment of the year thus far: “Oh, you mean… Oh I see… So that was yesterday… Well, never mind then.” (note, probably NSFW. Not really bad but could cause your own awkward incident). Seriously though, I think that chick is in my guild.

The official list of best/worst professionals to date was released. Sadly, we fall on the wrong side of the equation (knew I shoulda ditched college for pizza delivery school!)

This movie just looks badass. Fellow nerds, Rejoice!

You’ve been a great audience. See you next week for more Funny Money!

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