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The Loot Council- October 25, 2009

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

Comings and Goings

WoWenomic Links

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.


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Crusader Orbs Rising in Price

…Well, slightly anyway. We’re seeing Crusader Orbs rising in price slightly across six auctions houses per faction side that we tested. That is to say that 12 out of 12 tested auction houses are showing increased prices as compared to our last assessment 10 days ago. We speculate that this rise in price is for the very reasons we initially predicted such movement, but we also do not believe that the orbs will return to their earlier levels of value (in the 3,000+ Gold range) ever. The orbs dipped on some servers to below 1,000 Gold for a few weeks and testing of these same servers showed that they are now going for 1,100 or more. Eventually, prices will hit a ceiling and come back down but, for now, they seem to be continuing to rise. With a deposit amount of only 36 Silver for a 48-hour auction, it may now be time to put up your Crusader Orbs for sale at prices slightly above current market value with long-term auction durations.


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Dragonfin Dishes Now More Tasty Than Ever

About a week ago an article was published on advising readers of the financial benefits of farming a certain highly profitable fish. While we’ve also previously advised that WoW traders focus on fishing and cooking Dragonfin, we do not have quite the same community reach as

One Fish

The result over the past week has been, as you might have predicted, a sharp drop in the going rate of uncooked Dragonfin Angelfish. Generally, the price of raw Dragonfin stays higher than the prices of equivalent Northrend fish not only because the demand for the cooked fish is so high but also because the supply is diminished by not being connected at all to any fishing daily quests. The currently lower price, however, presents a fantastic opportunity for in-game chefs to turn a quick gold by simply purchasing the price-depressed fish, cooking and selling at a hefty mark-up. The key to this, and really any high-end cooking-for-profit, strategy is in attaining the Northern Spices inexpensively. One idea is to purchase Dragonfin Angelfish for less than 50 gold, the spices for less than one gold and then sell the stacks of cooked product for 100 gold or more. This nets a nice 30 gold per stack minimum profit and the time investment is minimal because we know you’ve already got your Chef’s Hat right?

Two Fish

Be sure to consider both types of cooked Dragonfin for the most profitable variety. Both Dragonfin Filet and Blackened Dragonfin can sell profitably but our experience is that there is usually higher demand for the Filet variety. The profitability of the Blackened fish, however, was increased with the patch 3.2 changes that reduced the amount of raw fish required to cook the item.

Bad Fish

The irony to this easy tip is that the author of the post over at quite correctly advises readers not to sell the fish when the market is flooded and to examine the entire value chain to determine whether it is best to sell the raw or cooked fish. Naturally, these key points seem to be lost on the community and the result has been a mass influx of uncooked Dragonfin onto the market. If, indeed, the uptick in raw fish on the market is attributable to this article, it can also be expected that the over supply period will end and prices will return to normal levels as the more casual players exit the market. In the mean time, we’re scooping up all the cheap fish we can find.

More Fish

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Why You Should Participate in the Harvest Festival Event

The Harvest Festival is upon us and, while easily overshadowed by the much more popular Brewfest, it is an event that all players should take at least a minimal part in.

The actual requirements for participate are ridiculously simple.  Just complete the Honoring a Hero FedEx quest.  There are no other activities or achievements to be had.  Turning in the quest does, however, award 500 reputation with ALL of your faction’s allied cities.  Considering that this takes all of ten or so minutes to complete, and with reputation having an impact on your profits, it would be extremely negligent to overlook this simple boost to your faction reputation.

One other aspect of the event that savvy traders might like to consider is that there are fireworks for sale from the same NPC that gives you the quest.  These are inexpensive and somewhat unique fireworks and have no listed duration or binding effects.  This means that you can purchase loads of them and bleed them back into the auction house over the duration of the year for easy profits.  In fact, as a testiment to the laziness of your average player, we’ve already sold several of these items for a significant markup, even while the event is still underway.

For more information on the event, such as specifics on quest giver locations, their items and event food, we advise a visit to the WoWhead blog where they’ve provided a nice and succinct write up of the event.

 Don’t eat too much, but be sure to reap in some harvest profit.

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Drums of Caveat Emptor

In the wake of our report yesterday on the state of the 3.2.2 economy, we are receiving scattered reports from concerned readers about the charges on the Drums of Forgotten Kings and the Drums of the Wild. It would seem that some of the more nefarious sellers out there are using up 49 of the 50 charges on their drums and then reposting them with one charge left for the same price as fully charged drums.

UPDATE: We contacted our reader who alerted us to this issue and asked for more information about the scam and they clarified that they were scammed by drums offered in /trade chat. Apparently, the drums can be traded between players with less than full charges but NOT posted on the AH. Beware of deals that look too good to be true in the trade channel, they probably are.

This sort of scam is nothing new and we’ve seen it before with similar charged items. What is different is that the item is new and so some buyers are not quite used to the charge feature of the drums just yet. As with all items in the AH for sale or trade, the rule of thumb is Caveat Emptor. Watch what you’re doing and don’t make silly mistakes. And, no, a GM will not ‘fix’ this issue for you. Instead, may we suggest a few more appropriate ways for dealing with trading mistakes.

Just so we’re clear, both types of drums have fifty charges each when first crafted. Any less and you’re not buying a ‘new’ product. The Priest buff scroll, Runescroll of Fortitude, holds a single charge each but can stack in sizes of up to 20 per stack. There is still, as yet, no Mage scroll yet so the Vending Machines of WoW are safe for the time being.

On a side note, we love that the Blessing of Kings drums are called ‘…of Forgotten…’ since we’ve become so accustomed to grouping with pallis that forget to buff. Now if only they’d make a ‘Drums of Turn Off Crusader Aura Ya Nub’. Just a thought.


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We Remember

On this day of painful memories and untellable stories. This day of loss and recovery. This time we became so aware of our great strength and our weaknesses. This occasion for silence and reflection. This moment when time stood still and, for many, never started again…

We remember, with pride, honor and dignity, our friends, colleagues, family members and our fellow man. We remember your time on this earth and the light you brought. We remember your sacrifice and your service. We remember the fear, the hope, the strength.

We carry on. We remain. We remember.


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We’re Back!

I recently returned from an amazing fishing trip although I can’t say there were actually very many fish involved. In fact, here’s a quick run down.

Things I caught on my fishing holiday:

  • At least 4 hangovers
  • 1 storm at sea on a day we were “strongly encouraged” not to go out. Ooops.
  • A speeding ticket
  • One of my trip-mates in compromising position in the kitchenette with a ‘friend’ he made on vacation (hope he didn’t catch anything hee hee!)
  • A sunburn (twice!)
  • Copious amounts of wife aggro- apparently taking a vacation with the boys for about a month while not being able to spare a weekend for the in-laws is a bad thing?!?

Astute readers will notice the glaring omission of fish on the above list. That’s right, in an extended vacation that included a solid 19 days of fishing I didn’t catch a single fish. The guys next to me caught fish. The people that worked the fishing boat caught fish. The little girl who went out fishing for her first time with her daddy caught fish. But, it seemed, it was all a RL version of Deathcharger’s Reins for me this time out.

Recap of the past few weeks

What an awesome couple of weeks! Seems like so many interesting things happened in this short time span.

Here are a few highlights:

Next Up

I’ve actually been back for about 10 days but haven’t been able to get the entire team together until just a few days ago. The only problem now is that 3.2 has everyone up in arms with different theories and ideas. In fact, the only thing the team solidly agreed upon is that I am a terrible fisherman. At any rate, it looks like we will be focusing on the following items in the next couple of weeks:

  • Focus Week! Looks like gold making tips was the winning suggestion. We’ll kick off this feature next Monday with an entire week dedicated to only gold making posts.
  • Rotating blog roll and Resources page updates. These features are long overdue for an update. Let us know if you’ve got suggestions or sites you’d like to see included.
  • Some patch 3.2 tips and tricks from the WoWenomics team
  • The conclusion and publication of our longest WoWenomic study ever! This is data that has been collected for over 4 months and required thousands of gold to test!!!

At any rate, it’s great to be back. Thank you to everyone that e-mailed or left comments of concern. We’ve got a few articles for you guys in the works already and we’ll be posting them over the next few days. It may be some time, however, before we post anything on in-game fishing.


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