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How Much Should You Tip Other Players?

Okay, this one comes by way of our team’s mage. It would seem that I’ve offended him to a certain degree with my repeated references to his beloved class as vending machines and QQ dispensers. While I stand by my comments on the least threatening/most squishy of all DPS classes (but hey, they do portals right?), I will appease him with the post he has been bitching about humbly requesting that we post for so very long. So, this one’s for our resident jewelcrafter and favorite mage. We now proudly give you a guide to proper tipping in WoW.

First, a small disclaimer: This was hardly scientific. What we did to determine each tip level was to first take a poll amongst the WoWenomics team members, and then subsequently asked each member to take an informal poll amongst the population of their trade channels. Members were asked to continue polling the population, ideally at different times of day, until they reached fifty responses each. We dared not stay for much more than fifty as it is our understanding that too much WoW trade chat can make your brain fall out of your ear and your eyes bleed. We asked only four questions, and provide both the team’s opinions and the thoughts (if they can be called ‘thoughts’) of trade chat responders.

Without further ado, our recommended tipping levels for popular WoW services:

Mage Portals

WoWenomics Team Average: 8 gold
Trade Channel Average: 6 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 20 gold
Craziest Response Received: “The amount of their reagent cost. Why should it cost more?”

Lock Boxes Opened

WoWenomics Team Average: 5 gold
Trade Channel Average: 2 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 20 gold
Craziest Response Received: “Free.”

Epic Gem Cuts (petitioner’s materials)

WoWenomics Team Average: 25 gold
Trade Channel Average: 19 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 60 gold
Craziest Response Received: “My balls. That’s how much.”

High End Enchantments/Crafting (petitioner’s materials)

WoWenomics Team Average: 90 gold
Trade Channel Average: 60 gold
Highest Amount Suggested: 500 gold
Craziest Response Received: “Can you please shut up with your stupid survey?”

So there you have it. Hardly scientific but we do hope it gives you some idea as to how you might want to tip. We also hope that it helps our mage get better tips (he apparently spends a lot of time ‘explaining’ how much his customers ‘should’ tip him). Now go make me some biscuits water boy!

What do you think? What are the fair amounts to tip for these (and other) services?



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Abyssal Shatter

The Enchanting ability, Abyssal Shatter, was hotfixed onto EU servers this morning.  This ability allows for conversion of Abyss Crystals into either Infinite Dust or Greater Cosmic Essence.  If the spell results are left unchanged, there will be significant economic impact.

Shattering crystals requires an enchanting skill of 445 and can reportedly yield as many as 18 dusts or 4 essences.

Prices are already starting to move on EU servers to reflect the above stated changes.  Players on US servers have somewhat of an advantage here in that, since they did not yet receive the hotfix, they have an early warning of the impending change.  US early adapters will be able to play a bit of insider trading and move the markets before they move themselves.

It is worth noting that there will also be some trickle down consequences on related enchantment materials markets such as enchanted vellums and other items that require these materials but this change may require more time to take effect. 

Over the long haul, it would be our expectation that the prices of Infinite Dust, Greater Cosmic Essence and Abyss Crystals will all normalize such that the price of 1 Abyss Crystal, 15-18 Infinite Dust, and 2-3 Greater Cosmic Essence all equal about the same amount.  Until this happens, however, there will be ample opportunity to take advantage of price disparity.


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Helpful New Gold Making Guide Posted at MMO Champion

The heavyweight of WoW news and information, Boubouille of the ubiquitous MMO Champion, has posted an extraordinary new WoW gold making guide. The guide focuses heavily on the deployment of a few addons, namely Auctioneer and QA2. For the most part, the information is centered around the art of D/Eing for profit but the guide really shines in the areas of clear and direct explanations of setting up the addons and in sharing an extremely helpful spreadsheet for calculating costs and projecting estimated profits.

Boubouille promises that there is much more to come and we can’t wait to see it. This is a great write up (we’ve come to expect no less from MMO Champion of course) and all WoW traders are advised to give it a look and show some support for this wonderful effort.


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All About the Patch 3.2.2 Economy

Here are a few observations about the post-3.2.2 economy based on reader tips we’ve received and the WoWenomics teams’ own observations. We hope you find them useful. Feel free to share your own observations in the comments section.

A Big Ol’ Cup O’ Hurt

The Tankard O’ Terror, a BoE mace dropped by the Brewfest boss, is now being heavily sold in the AH and marketed in the /trade channel. The prices on this item range widely from the area of 1,000 gold to 3,000 or so. Tobold put up a good post explaining that he sees this item being BoE as an oversight on Blizzard’s part and suspects that the item may be made BoP in the near future. We don’t necessarily see that as happening and, in fact, are sellers of this item as opposed to buyers. Currently we will purchase the item at bid levels below 800 gold and sell at any above 1,100. A few of our team members have generated a bit of income with this strategy but longevity is limited. As the event progresses we expect the price to continue to drop as more and more players attain one and post it. Longer term, however, the price of these maces may increase significantly if similar holiday events do not yield comparable weapons. This is to say that, come six months from now, any remaining Tankard O’ Terrors might catch a pretty penny (copper?).

Conversely, sales of the Titansteel Bonecrusher are slowing significantly as players can attain the higher item level Brewfest mace for approximately the same (or lower) price.

On a personal note, I’m pretty sure I drank from that tankard more than once during college.

My Orbs Dropped

No, that wasn’t another personal note. Rather, Crusader Orbs have dropped sharply in price, as they are now attainable for 15 Emblems of Triumph. We actually predict there will be a slight bounce back in going rate for these items as two things happen:

  1. Players will be attracted to the lower price thereby driving up demand and
  2. Players will exhaust their reserve of emblems thereby slowing supply.

Runed Orbs have dropped slightly in price (presumably because more players are crafting the higher level items that require the recently inexpensive Crusader Orbs)

Frozen Orbs have actually increased in price albeit marginally. This is possibly due to content distraction and connection issues. We expect prices to drop back to ‘normal’ levels shortly.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the…

Two new types of drums were released. Drums of Forgotten Kings and Drums of the Wild both offer what were previously class specific raid buffs but are now available as a Leatherworking crafted item usable by even non-Leatherworkers. Prices for the drums are being reported to us as between 100 gold and 300 gold. These prices are expected to drop somewhat in the coming days as Leatherworkers flood the market.

Most servers tested showed a sharp increase in the price of the materials required to craft these items. If you are a farmer/supplier of such goods, now is certainly the time to sell.

It is worth noting that the buffs granted by these items do not stack with the class-offered versions of the same.

A Script for Profits

Scribes are reporting success in selling their version of the open-class raid buff, the Runescroll of Fortitude. Current price point on all servers tested varied from a low of just under 10 gold each to a high in the area of 22. This item is also usable by all classes and professions and, similar to the drums, does not stack with similar buffs granted by priests.

In other Inscription news, we’ve received scattered reports that the going rate for a few glyphs is on the rise. Specifically, glyphs that cater to skills in the Mage’s Arcane tree are on the rise (presumably this spec became more attractive given the buffs it received) and we’ve also heard the same (although to a lesser degree) about the Glyph of Seal of Command due to buffs to that specific skill. A few other glyphs have been redesigned and sales are moving upwards or downwards as the community reacts to the changes. If you are a scribe you may wish to reassess your pricing and adjust accordingly.

All Your Buffs Are Belong to Us!

Players would be well advised to note that the buffs granted by the aforementioned drums and scrolls will stack with each other. Further, and perhaps more importantly, the buffs stack with those granted from consumables. Thus, you could theoretically use both types of drums, the scroll and an elixir of both varieties (or a flask) all at once- even while soloing. Take it away min/maxers…

One final comparative note is that the buff granted by the drums is 30 minutes long whereas the scroll grants a 60-minute stamina buff.

A Gem of an Opportunity

Raw gems continue to rise even while the prices of the cut versions stabalize. One area we’ve observed strong gains in price with Armor Penetration gems. This is quite probably a result of players trying to compensate for a nerf to this statistic that was introduced by Blizzard with this patch. Here is a full list of Armor Pen gems to help you plan accordingly. It should be noted that this rise was somewhat unexpected by our team. Rather, we would have predicted a decline in the price of these gems since their value has been nerfed. Perhaps that price drop is still to come.

Further Reading

3.2.2 Information (including the patch notes) from MMO-Champion
Further market predictions from WoW Confidential
3.2.2 Summary from WoWhead
Onyxia Flying Mount video (highlighted just because it’s so damned bad a**)


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Profiting from Server Down Time

The WoW alert system is showing that there will be some additional down time this morning in the form of rolling restarts for some servers and an extra four hours of maintenance for many other realms. This is a fantastic opportunity for profit for the opportunistic WoW trader. We’ve previously pointed out some of the ways to make gold from these types of situations. Highlights of opportunities include:

  • Less competition- Less players able to log on means less players posting in the AH.
  • Weaker competition- Your main competitors may not be able to log in. Use this opportunity to gank the AH and jack up the prices. If this is the case, consider posting for shorter durations under the assumption that the competition will return when technical issues are resolved.
  • Expiring auctions- The ‘Monday night effect’ occurs on other days as auctions are due to expire. Look for underpriced bid items and pick the low hanging fruit.
  • New content opportunities- As extended and unscheduled maintenance is almost always attributed to new content releases, prepare for the needs of players running that content. Initially expect to sell healing/mana potions, flasks and other consumables and eventually start selling enchantments, enchanting materials, item enhancements and gems and glyphs. This is a classic seller’s market.
  • Overcut- Yes, we made that word up. But the concept is simple. If the above point is true and some items are going to sell out quickly than there is opportunity to be had by selling at the top price of a market. If you expect an item to sell out (i.e. there are only several listed of an item that usually moves quickly) don’t for them to sell out and then post yours. Simply price your item at a higher price under the assumption that when the others sell out yours will be the only option left. Fantastic opportunities for this type of market manipulation are currently high-end cloth, select flasks, and our favorite, raw epic gems. Several realm’s auction houses scanned this morning showed only 3-5 raw epic gems in stock instead of the normal 10-20.
  • It’s not you, it’s me- In the event that you’re the one experiencing technical issues and unable to log on, ideally you’ve already posted some items in the AH with high prices in anticipation of the downtime. Either way, take this time to brush up on your trading skills by looking through our archives or visiting some of the real world business and trading sites listed on our resources page. In fact, we’ll suggest a few fun articles…

Here are a few favorite real-world business articles from the past few days for your downtime reading pleasure:


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Breaking News- Expansion Pack Details

You heard it here first folks…

Cataclysm Confirmed!

Goblins going to Horde.
Worgen going to Alliance
New class/race combos
Flying mounts in Azeroth!
Level cap raised to 85
New Profession: Archeology
New guild leveling options?
New Acheivments
Deathwing is the new bad guy

First off, kudos to MMO-Champion for nailing most of the details. Nice one mate.

We’ll be discussing the details more in depth as we get them.

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Three Interesting Bugs Introduced in Patch 3.2 (Including the ‘Free’ Honor Dance)

We take a break from our regularly scheduled focus week posts to bring attention to a few issues that readers have pointed out to us or we have observed ourselves in the wake of the implementation of patch 3.2. Call them bugs or game design elements, either way they have the potential to alter your play or gold making styles. Have you observed any of the following during your sessions?

1. Auction House Page Problems

The Issue:

Users of the unmodified auction house are reporting that the auction house page tabs (those small arrows on the top right section of the AH interface) are sometimes inactive (or grayed out) when they should otherwise be available. We have tested and observed this phenomenon ourselves. The issue occurs after having searched for an item and scrolled through multiple pages. On a subsequent search of a different item that does not have as many pages of inventory, the arrows are no longer usable. Worse, and more confusingly, we observed instances where, upon searching through multiple pages of an item, the subsequent search turned up the “No items found” message if the window was not closed and reopened or the user did not manually flip the inventory page back to page one.

The Workaround:

Simply close the AH interface after a search of an item in which you scrolled through multiple pages of inventory then reopen the window by talking to the AH NPC again to ‘refresh’ the interface. Note that, in most cases, your old search term will still be in the search text box so amend as appropriate.

2. The Flying Mount Gimli Glider

The Issue:

Some users and WoWenomics team members have reported having landing issues when attempting to land upon or near lootable nodes. The description most used is that of experiencing a ‘gliding’ effect when trying to land their flying mounts as though the player were expected to perform a deadstick landing. The issue seems to be particularly applicable to nodes on or very near steep terrain and appears to not be exclusive to only node farming but also other precarious landing situations.

The Workaround:

Give yourself a bit of landing room and attempt land just prior to the target location. If there is not sufficient ‘runway space’ fly just above the target and manually dismount so as to fall directly upon the target.

3. The BG ‘Free’ Honor Dance

The Issue:

It has been widely reported that some players are exploiting the newly extended honorable kill range in conjunction with the recently implemented honor bonus for node defense in applicable battlegrounds. The issue is that there are some locations, particularly the blacksmith location in Arathi Basin, from which a defender can be within range of every honorable kill on the map while at the same time benefiting from bonus honor awarded from being within range of the flag. Thus, certain players that do the least in the BG (and AFKers in particular) are now able to hide strategically and go make a sandwich and end up with more honor, and honorable kills, than active participants in the same battleground.

The Workaround:

There’s really no fix for this as this is the byproduct of recently implemented game mechanics and not necessarily a bug. That said, it is reasonable to expect that Blizzard will be examining the issue fairly soon and coming up with a fix. So, should you wish to benefit from this mechanic, now is an excellent time to work on HK location based and cumulative achievements bearing in mind that, in doing so, you are kind of taking advantage and perhaps even being a turd. On the other hand, some players may be inclined to actually learn how to defend and *gasp* call out the incs.

One other interesting edition from 3.2 that may or may not affect your gameplay gold making is that Blizzard has implemented a “Not all of your mail could be delivered. Please delete some to make room” message for when your mailbox is full. It’s not a necessary change but is certainly helpful to those that may not have noticed missing mail or don’t otherwise have helpful mailbox add-ons enabled.

Have you experienced these or similar bugs?


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