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WoWenomics Site Updates- September 01, 2009

A few long overdue changes put in place today.

Other WoW Finance Blogs

First off, we’ve updated our side bar links to ‘Other WoW Finance Blogs
We removed several outdated or defunct blogs and added the following:

A Gnome’s Conquest
A new gold making blog born from the JMTC forums. Not crazy about the green on black layout but the content is well written and informative.

My Auction House Banker
A very clean layout with quick, well thought out, informative posts.

Too Greedy
A fantastic WoW finance resource with posts that range from gold making tips to diary style gold ledger updates and some WoW finance theorycrafting.

The Happy Scribe
A more recent entry with a focus on inscription and the profits to be made from this popular profession. Good advice to be had here even if you’re not a scribe.

WoW Confidential
This blog is long overdue for a WoWenomic call out as it has been around for several years. Very similar to the Just My Two Copper style with short informative posts centered around gold making tips. Some good advice in the archives as well.

Rotating Blog Roll

Our ‘Rotating Blog Roll’ has, well, rotated. Lots of new blogs added and a few older ones removed. Give these new listings a look. As always, you can find the full blog roll listing on our Resources page. If you’d like your blog included in a future roll, just let us know.

Two New Categories Added to the Home Page

We added a category for ‘WoW Blog Listings and News’ and another for ‘WoW Status Updates’. The former will provide readers with a few quick links to get WoW news and blog headlines and the latter allows readers for even faster access to WoW server status and game updates directly from Blizzard.

Resources Page Update

The changes here are too numerous to list individually so we’ll sum it up by saying that all the classes now have at least one link (thank you to those that made suggestions), other sections have been expanded and a few links were moved to more appropriate categories. Finally, in response to the many requests we’ve received for details on our real-world finance reads, we added a few more links to some of the real-world finance resources enjoyed most by the WoWenomics team.

Other Listings

If we overlooked your (or your favorite) blog, let us know. We’d love to add you. The only reason that additional blogs are not listed is because we’ve not yet been made aware of them or, in at least a few occasions, because our Resident Typing Monkey was drunk.



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Focus Week Ends

We concluded our series of posts dedicated to gold making tips late last night and will return to our regular variety of posts next week. This weekend we will post our regular Loot Council and Funny Money Columns. If you enjoyed our focus on gold making tips we encourage you to take a look at some of our other gold making tip articles or otherwise peruse our archives.

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Focus Week Begins

We will spend the next seven days focused on a single aspect of WoWenomics as voted on by our readers in our recent poll.  The selected topic this time was gold making tips.  Later today we will publish our first article in this series.

Please note that, while we will continue this series for seven consecutive days, there may be a few additional posts not related to generating WoW income due to the impending Blizzcon event and probable announcement of the next WoW expansion.  We will also be reporting on both of these issues as appropriate.

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We’re Back!

I recently returned from an amazing fishing trip although I can’t say there were actually very many fish involved. In fact, here’s a quick run down.

Things I caught on my fishing holiday:

  • At least 4 hangovers
  • 1 storm at sea on a day we were “strongly encouraged” not to go out. Ooops.
  • A speeding ticket
  • One of my trip-mates in compromising position in the kitchenette with a ‘friend’ he made on vacation (hope he didn’t catch anything hee hee!)
  • A sunburn (twice!)
  • Copious amounts of wife aggro- apparently taking a vacation with the boys for about a month while not being able to spare a weekend for the in-laws is a bad thing?!?

Astute readers will notice the glaring omission of fish on the above list. That’s right, in an extended vacation that included a solid 19 days of fishing I didn’t catch a single fish. The guys next to me caught fish. The people that worked the fishing boat caught fish. The little girl who went out fishing for her first time with her daddy caught fish. But, it seemed, it was all a RL version of Deathcharger’s Reins for me this time out.

Recap of the past few weeks

What an awesome couple of weeks! Seems like so many interesting things happened in this short time span.

Here are a few highlights:

Next Up

I’ve actually been back for about 10 days but haven’t been able to get the entire team together until just a few days ago. The only problem now is that 3.2 has everyone up in arms with different theories and ideas. In fact, the only thing the team solidly agreed upon is that I am a terrible fisherman. At any rate, it looks like we will be focusing on the following items in the next couple of weeks:

  • Focus Week! Looks like gold making tips was the winning suggestion. We’ll kick off this feature next Monday with an entire week dedicated to only gold making posts.
  • Rotating blog roll and Resources page updates. These features are long overdue for an update. Let us know if you’ve got suggestions or sites you’d like to see included.
  • Some patch 3.2 tips and tricks from the WoWenomics team
  • The conclusion and publication of our longest WoWenomic study ever! This is data that has been collected for over 4 months and required thousands of gold to test!!!

At any rate, it’s great to be back. Thank you to everyone that e-mailed or left comments of concern. We’ve got a few articles for you guys in the works already and we’ll be posting them over the next few days. It may be some time, however, before we post anything on in-game fishing.


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Gone Fishin’

I’m off on vacation for about ten days.  I may not have an opportunity to post during this time and will most likely not have contact with the rest of the WoWenomics team regardless (which is the vacation part of the vacation no doubt).  At any rate, you might enjoy looking over a few of our older posts during our absence.

Here, in no particular order, are a few of my personal favorites:

Enjoy the reads and be sure to also check the comments if the subject interests you.  Quite often the comments take the discussion to the next level.

And don’t forget to cast your vote as to what you’d most like us to focus on upon our return.

We’ll see you in a week or two after some sunshine and copious amounts of beer.


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Announcing Focus Week

Upon our return from vacation we  will be conducting one week of focused WoWenomic analysis.  This poll is your chance to vote on what sort of posts you are most interested in reading for the week.  During this time we will focus exclusively on the types of posts chosen by our readers.

Your choices are as follows:

  • Data and Analysis- detailed graphs and charts and studies of trends in the WoW economy
  • Gold Making Tips- tips and advice for building in-game wealth
  • Commentary- commentary and analysis of economic trends as pertains to WoW
  • Wall Street Stories- stories and discussion of life in the business world with some overlap in the WoW economy 

Cast your vote below and we will dedicate the week the the winning theme upon our return from vacation



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Out of the Loop

While traveling over the past week or so I was away from WoW. I had hoped to have at least limited access to the game but, as it turned out, I didn’t even have access to a computer. Shocking, I know. At any rate, I returned late last night and logged in for just a bit to find that, while there were no sweeping changes to the WoW economy, I felt overwhelmed with the feeling of being out of the loop and uninformed. We’ve mentioned here before that information is the single greatest tool of both the WoW and the RL trader and this theory certainly proved itself true as I was hesitant to buy or sell in any significant quantity after being gone for just one week.

Luckily, the WoWenomics team provided their daily data updates to me via e-mail so there was no loss of information. Over the weekend I’ll crunch the numbers and review with the team and we should have an analysis post up early next week. I’ll also be taking a look around the blogosphere for items to highlight for the weekend Loot Council post so feel free to e-mail or post in the comments your suggestions of posts we should take a look at. Early next week we also hope to update the site a bit- rolling our blog roll over and updating the resources page. Be sure to let us know (if you haven’t already) of any sites that should be added to (or removed from) the resources page.

Also, thank you to everyone that e-mailed with concern as to our whereabouts. In hindsight, perhaps our last post was a bit fatalistic to start a vacation with but we assure you that no one from the WoWenomics team is leaving the game just yet. That said, there will be several more absences this summer as I, personally, have a lot going on. So, unless I can convince one of the other team members to do the posting for a short time (hint, hint!) there may be other WoWenomic outages during the warmer months.

So, for now, back to the game. I’ll be taking a closer look at the economy over the next day or so and familiarizing myself with any market movements. I can’t imagine how a longer break would have affected me. Has anyone out there ever taken a break and felt out of the loop upon return? I imagine I’ll deal with it by sticking to the markets I’m most familiar with over the next couple of days. How do you deal with missed play time? Any tips for getting back in the loop faster?


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