The following is a list of resources that you may find useful in gaining a deeper understanding about finance, WoW finance and the World of Warcraft in general. Many of the links listed below are some of the sites that we visit regularly. If this is true for you as well you may want to use this as your main WoW info hub and perhaps even list this as your browser homepage as we do. Contact Us now to add your blog.

Official WoW Sites and Resources

Official World of Warcraft Home Page
Latest Patch Notes (impending patches)
Server Status Page
WoW Armory
WoW Talent Calculators
WoW Top List
WoW US Forums

Realtime News and Service Updates From Blizzard
WoW Alerts

Other WoW Finance Sites

WoW Street Titans
(More than 100 posts, mostly related to finance, daily or almost daily posting)
Greedy Goblin
Just My Two Copper
Warcraft Econ
The WoW Economist

Market Trends
(Near or above 100 posts, regular- but not daily- updates. Alternatively, highly popular finance blogs that are garnering recent attention in the community)
WoW Confidential
One Copper
Phase 3: Profit!
My Auction House Banker Kevmar on WoW

Recent IPOs
(Newer finance blogs, started within the last 4-5 months, under 100 posts, updated at least weekly- Check these guys out!)
The Happy Scribe
Too Greedy
The WoW Street Journal
A Gnome’s Conquest
AH Whoring
Hit the Cap
Caffeine, Smokes and AH Fees
WoW Stability

New Issuance
(Announcements of brand new WoW finance blogs)
100k WoW Gold Challenge
All My Nuts
A Fistful of Coppers
Bobreazes’ WoW Gold Tips
Diamond Tipped Cane
Morgraan’s Corner
Dark’s Guide to Gold
Enchant Yourself
Green Guts
Rags to Riches
Take Over Your Server
WoW Economic Review
The Promenade

Skills, Crafting and Related Blogs
Crafter’s Tome
Kaliope’s Crafter’s Tome
The Noob School
El’s Extreme Anglin’

Class Focused Blogs

Death Knight
Death Goddess
Runeforge Gossip
Skeleton Jack

Barkskining Up the Wrong Tree
Big Bear Butt
Tree of Life

Aspect of the Hare
Diaries of a Marksman Hunter

Armaggedon’s Coming (AKA Gnomageddon)
Critical QQ
Frost is the New Black
I Sheep Things

Banana Shoulders
Blessings of Kings
I am a Paladin
Paladin Schmaladin
The Holy Paladin

I Like Bubbles
Pugnacious Priest

One Rogue’s Journey

The Shaman Tavern

Aggro Junkie
Naissa’s Rage

Killing ’em Slowly

General WoW Blogs

Altaholics Anonymous
Alterac Volley
Always Saturday
The Art of Solo-ing WoW
Dominate Your Server
DoTs & HoTs
Medivh Gold
Only Ten More Points
The Pink Pigtail Inn
Righteous Orbs
Spicy Tuna
The Rokk Says
Troll Racials are Overpowered
World of Snarkcraft
World of Warcraft Wanderings
WoW Fail Blog

Big WoW Blog Lists and Other Blogging Resources

Blog Azeroth
Twisted Nether
World of Warcraft Junction
WoW Headlines

Strategy and Fight Information
Boss Killers
Elitist Jerks
Tank Spot

Recommended Tools
(out-of-game applications)
Armory Data Mining
PUG Checker
Reputation Calculator (from WoWjuju)
Warcraft Pets
WoW Collect
WoW Heroes

Suggested Mod and Add-On Sites
Curse Gaming Add-On Hub

WoW Atlases and Interactive Maps
(Maps and tools for getting around)
Game Pressure
Map WoW
WoW Flash Maps from Blizzard

WoW Databases
(Find information on quests, NPCs, and items)
WoW Arsenal
WoW Wiki

WoW News and Information
Big Hit Box
Project Lore
Curse News Hub
Massive Blips
World of Raids (WoR)
The WoWhead Blog
WoW Insider
WoW Riot

WoW Outside of the US
(Foreign Language Sites)

French- Contact Us now to add your blog.
Italian- Cronache da World of Warcraft

Other Game and MMO Blogs
(Not necessarily WoW, but fantastic reads nonetheless)

Broken Toys
The Escapist
Game Politics
Raph Koster’s Web Site
Richard Bartle’s You Haven’t Lived Blog
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Tim Howgego
Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
Virtual Economy Research Network- VERN
Virtual Goods News
We Fly Spitfires
Worlds in Motion

Real-World Finance

Barron’s Online
The Business Insider
Business Pundit
The Consumerist
The Financial Times
The Freakonomics Blog
Learning Markets
Market Watch
NYT Deal Book
The Reformed Broker
Seth Godin
Wall Street Journal Online

Open Source or Otherwise Free Tools Used
(Tools used in the creation of this site and related content)

Open Flash Chart
Open Office

Additional Blogging Resources

Blog Catalog
Directory World
Blogs That Follow

Inclusion Standards- Free, Fresh and Relevant
To be included on our resources page a site must meet the following quality and content standards:

1) Free- above all the site must be free. Advertisements for paid products are allowed but the site must offer free content that is of potential benefit to the reader. Sites that are ‘teasers’ that only offer partial content and require payment for full information are not allowed

2) Fresh- The site must have been updated within the past thirty days where applicable. Sites that become ‘stale’ will be removed. Some exceptions may be made at our discretion.

3) Relevant- There are a lot of great WoW sites out there but not all of them will be relevant to the current state of the game. Sites that have outdated content, are way off-topic or otherwise irrelevant to our needs will be omitted.

All blogs listed and the content therein belong to the respective blog owners who have sole responsibility of management of said content.