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Tips on Brewfest Efficiency

We’re receiving word from a few readers that are having trouble completing the necessary Brewfest achievements to complete the holiday meta-achievement. The concern is from readers who did not start attaining Brewfest Prize Tokens early in the event or are otherwise not able to play regularly enough to get the tokens. So, while drinking beer in WoW is fun in and of itself, there is still some work to be done for many players.

Brewfest differs slightly from other in-game holiday events in that the currency for the items required to complete the related achievement is not ‘grindable’ in a single extended play session. Rather, amassing the Brewfest Prize Tokens requires a much smaller time investment, but stretched out over several days. To those players that can only log on a few times a week or for very limited amounts of time per day we offer the following tips for attaining all the necessary tokens and, hopefully, getting your sweet violet drake.

  • Know that your goal is 350 Brewfest Prize Tokens. This is the exact minimum amount you need to complete the event.
  • The reason you only need 350 is because if you purchase the Brewfest outfit for 350 tokens, and immediately complete the related achievement, you can then return the clothing to the vendor for a full refund of your tokens. You then use 200 of these tokens to attain your Brew of the Month club membership and the other 150 can be spent as you wish. Pet collectors might want to spend 100 on the Pint-Sized Pink Elekk.
  • After completing all the regular quests, there are three ways to attain more tokens, two daily quests and the keg delivery pseudo-daily. These quests are explained clearly on several sites, perhaps our favorite of which is WoWhead.
  • The two daily quests are self-explanatory but the keg delivery aspect is a little more in-depth. The first thing to note is that, unlike other daily quests, this one can be completed once every 18 hours set on an internal timer. In theory, you can complete this part twice a day.
  • The keg running pseudo-daily has two locations of apple barrels along the path that will remove your mount’s exhaustion debuff. There are also similar barrels at the start and end of the route. Familiarize yourself with the route and the location of the barrels prior to starting the quest. WoWWiki does a fantastic job of going into extreme detail on this subject. Definitely give that a read if you want to perfect your strategy.
  • If you’re having problems finding a good location to complete Drunken Stupor without dieing, it helps to know that you can be shielded or immune and still complete this (including having a palli use DI on you). We really liked the advice on locations provided by WoW.com for this one. Go check it out.

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Fast Frenzyheart Farming

Sometimes you just want to kill stuff.  We understand.  For all the in-depth auction house trading strategy, WoWenomic theory and complex profession manipulation there are times when you just feel like crushing some skulls.  The Fast Frenzyheart Farming method is a simple remedy for this feeling with the added benefit of being efficient and profitable.


  • Allied with The Oracles.  Sorry, Frenzyheart Tribe allied players cannot do this trick.
  • Ability to withstand or escape 5 to 10 thousand incoming points of damage.


In the semi-random rotation of Oracle daily quests within Sholazar Basin there is a quest that requires you to kill 50 of the Frenzyheart attackers and provides you with a few crystals to assist in making this happen.  The quest, Mastery of the Crystals, involves picking up the crystals and using the magic they hold to quickly kill off the Frenzyheart Ravagers in the opposing camp.  You don’t need the crystals to kill them but their use will very much speed up the process.  If you do use the crystals to do the deed, however, the bodies of the mobs cannot be looted.  But if you tap each mob, even doing as little as a single point of damage to it, you can get the kill credit and the resulting lootable corpse.

Our favorite way to do this is to get the largest possible group of mobs together at once, pop all three crystals and then use any kind of AoE ability to hit the mobs before they die.  This usually kills about 30 mobs in a single attempt if you choose the right location.  That perfect location is the Sholazar coordinates of 22, 79 (or the circle of Frenzyheart Ravagers) just Northwest of the camp in the Southern corner of the map.  The mobs at this location are already grouped, relatively low in health, respawn in under two minutes and drop enough loot to make this venture both fun and profitable.  After an hour or so of killing these mobs in this fashion we usually have a full stack of healing potions, about 10 mana potions, almost a full bag of scrolls and about 100 gold.

 The quest does not have to be turned in after hitting the requirement so just keep killing and looting until your bags are full.  Provided you always tap the mobs, and can survive their concentrated aggro, it is easy money.  One of our team members actually pointed this trick out to us in a recent discussion about alchemy.  He said that he never buys healing potions from other players.  He simply keeps this quest in his log and the crystals in the bank and kills these guys for a few hours whenever he needs to stock up.

If you’re unable to hit all the targets because your class has no form of AoE remember that anything will do here.  Exploding corpses or pets, damage causing auras or our personal favorite AoE hack will work as well.  Just be sure to bandage up and loot the corpses before they respawn as the timer is quite short.  Of course, it is this short respawn time that makes this method of farming so profitable.

Go forth and farm (and vent some frustration on the dog men).

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Free Flyin’

When flying to Coldarra, save yourself a little change and fly to Amber Ledge instead. It’s only a savings of 50 silver, but if you find yourself going there why not just take the transfer and save the money? To do so, simply talk to the big red flight master drake, Surristrasz, and select the first of the two dialog options and your flight from Amber Ledge to Coldarra will be free of charge.

Now this would normally be enough of a savings to motivate cheap bastards like those of us behind this blog but, as Coldarra is a bit of a bottomless pit if you get summoned there before you can fly, Blizzard has built an option to also return to Amber Ledge free of charge. Many players don’t realize it but directly across from the Coldarra flight master there is an NPC by the name of Librarian Tiare who will instantly port you back to Amber Ledge thereby saving you the 45 silver return cost. Yes, it is strange that it costs 50S to get there and 45S to leave but by this we can only assume that Coldarra is the New Jersey of Northrend and so the best thing about it is the cheap travel to more desirable locales. Kidding… we’re kidding. No need to whack us dear neighborly mobsters.

With the combination of free flight and a free portal this simple mechanic can save you both time and gold so there is no reason not to amend your Coldarra travel plans and save a bit when you can. Oh, and as long as you’re headed to New Jersey Coldarra be sure to help them with their nefarious drake exploitation plans as it is such a fast and easy daily and also take a look around for ‘The Don’ of the zone himself, Old Crystalbark. We’ve seen him there several times now that far fewer people are questing in the area.


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The Loot Council- Easter Bunny Bonus Edition

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

This week there is so much good content out there, and since this is a holiday weekend, we’ve decided to give you a little gift and include two posts each from several of our favorite bloggers.

This being Easter weekend we’d like to start you off with a few links to some of our favorite WoW Easter eggs. For those that don’t know, an Easter egg (in relation to media) is a hidden reference, bug or in-joke that might otherwise be overlooked and is, almost by definition, undocumented. There are tons of them in WoW and our favorite lists of them are from Blizzplanet and WoWWiki. We haven’t found a comprehensive list of ALL the known WoW Easter eggs yet however. So if you see a good one, be sure to let us know.

On the subject of official WoW stuff and eggs, it is worth noting that Blizzard has re-added the Noblegarden event to the April events calendar with the specific date ‘TBA’. Although they will obviously miss implementation prior to Easter, it looks like you will still get your chance to hunt Easter Noblegarden eggs in WoW. We speculate that, as it is being tested on the PTR and has been added to the calendar, the event will be included in the meta-achievement so get ready for some more seasonal quests if you’re gunning for an awesome new ride.

If you read Greedy Goblin at all you quickly learn that Gevlon is not one to suffer fools. In this regard, he’s actually quite similar to many real world financial professionals we’ve known over the years. That’s why the mere thought of him having a dialog with a certain future world leader made us laugh out loud. Once you’ve given that a look you’d be remiss not to check out Gev’s take on Deflation, somewhat in response to our own conversation on the subject with Tobold.

Speaking of Tobold, he’s got an interesting post up on the recently announced current WoW subscriber numbers and how that differs from his experience. Another good recent one from him is his take on the Emblem of Valor controversy. If you are in the EoV bracers market, you may wish to check it out.

Not to be left behind, Markco’s got a pretty good financial assessment of his expected impact of 3.1 and Ulduar on the value of those EoV bracers post-patch. While visiting Just My Two Copper, don’t miss his most recent post on effective use of Auctioneer. He’s got extensive information on how to use this vital tool, all of it relevant to WoW finance, and his recap post is a great jump off point if you haven’t read his info before.

On the subject of 3.1 changes we get some interesting information on the impending addition of daily fishing quests from both El’s Anglin’ and Kaliope. If you’re a fisherman (fishertroll?), or plan to be in the near future, you should certainly give them a look.

Did somebody say fishing? Dominate Your Server has listed their favorite Dragonfin Angelfish fishin’ hole. Ours is actually the Dragonspine Tributary as there’s a lot less fighting involved which we feel speeds up our own efficiency. We tested both areas, however, and found the rate of Dragonfin accumulation to be about the same, even with the fighting (which, of course, offers the potential for further cash).

That’s it for this week’s Loot Council. Thanks for tuning in and Happy Easter (and Passover) everyone!

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.

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3 Easy Ways to Complete the Cheese For Glowergold Daily Cooking Quest

Nothing like being an uber-geared master of WoW destruction and having to play bus boy eh? Since the release of WotLK we’ve heard so many complaints about this daily cooking quest. Countless times have we seen arguments develop over who owns the right to loot a specific glass of wine that escalates into players /slapping, /spitting and ultimately /ignoring one another. Well we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are our 3 favorite tips to completing this quest on EZ mode:

3. Near the quest giver-
Look in both the quest giver’s room and in the basement. 9 out of 10 times there are wine glasses right there next to her (or down the stairs in the same area) but many players just rush out looking for the glasses instead.

2. In the cheese shop-
Head over to the cheese shop where you would normally pick up the Limberger that is also required for completion. The reason is that many (perhaps even most) players only head to the cheese shop after they’ve found all the wine glasses. This means that the wine shop is more likely to have a few glasses lying about. We find at least one and usually two here every time we do this daily. The other big reason to head here early is that you have a chance of finding the cheese earlier than you normally would if you waited until after finding the wine glasses. This reduces the amount of time the quest takes to complete. Bonus tip: when looking for the cheese remember to look outside the shop. This simple spawn point seems to be frequently overlooked by many. At least glance over as you’re riding by heading to…

1. In the sewer-
The bar in the sewer, Cantrips and Crows, has several spawn points for the glasses and no one ever thinks to look here. If you want to get the glasses without a fight, simply head down there and pick them up. Of further benefit is that there is a bank, guild bank, and mailbox right there next to the bar so you can do some regular account maintenance while waiting for the glasses to respawn. And if you really want to make the most of your time be sure to use the cooking stove in the small room next to the bar to cook your quest item provided you already have the cheese.

Save an extra glass for yourself and tip one back to celebrate the end of your frustration with this quest.


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