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Wintergrasp PVP Becomes Less Profitable

Last night Blizzard announced that they will be changing the quest format for Wintergrasp PVP quests from a daily to a weekly quest system in an effort to better control lag in the zone. Presumably, the aim is to disincentivize players from participating in the battle regularly and thus reduce the amount of lag generated overall. The disappointing aspect of this change, in our opinion, is the significantly lower profit potential for participation. Previously, Wintergrasp was a fantastic use of time in that it offered high-end farming of herbs and ore (and, most recently, even fish) while providing significant gains in honor, honorable kills, and gold and shards. At this point it looks like the new weekly quests will reward the following:

  • 1/7th the amount of gold as the current daily version (same amount of gold for weekly as for daily)
  • Less than ½ the amount of honor (equivalent to 3 days of the old quest)
  • Less than ½ the amount of shards (equivalent to roughly 4 days of the old daily quests)

MMO Champion posted photos of the new quest rewards should you wish to research further.

The irony in the change is that the lag was caused by massive player participation which indicated a large amount of interest in the content. It would seem that the content was too successful and now Blizzard is looking for ways to make it less attractive as opposed to either making alternative content more attractive or finding a way to reduce lag.

In decreasing the rewards for participating in a Wintergrasp battle Blizzard has also increased the opportunity cost of participation. It will be much more difficult to make the decision to join the battle going forward but this was, of course, Blizzard’s intent.

For what it’s worth, Blizzard later stated that they’re still evaluating this change… And yeah, we won’t be holding our breath for a correction either.



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