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Fast Frenzyheart Farming

Sometimes you just want to kill stuff.  We understand.  For all the in-depth auction house trading strategy, WoWenomic theory and complex profession manipulation there are times when you just feel like crushing some skulls.  The Fast Frenzyheart Farming method is a simple remedy for this feeling with the added benefit of being efficient and profitable.


  • Allied with The Oracles.  Sorry, Frenzyheart Tribe allied players cannot do this trick.
  • Ability to withstand or escape 5 to 10 thousand incoming points of damage.


In the semi-random rotation of Oracle daily quests within Sholazar Basin there is a quest that requires you to kill 50 of the Frenzyheart attackers and provides you with a few crystals to assist in making this happen.  The quest, Mastery of the Crystals, involves picking up the crystals and using the magic they hold to quickly kill off the Frenzyheart Ravagers in the opposing camp.  You don’t need the crystals to kill them but their use will very much speed up the process.  If you do use the crystals to do the deed, however, the bodies of the mobs cannot be looted.  But if you tap each mob, even doing as little as a single point of damage to it, you can get the kill credit and the resulting lootable corpse.

Our favorite way to do this is to get the largest possible group of mobs together at once, pop all three crystals and then use any kind of AoE ability to hit the mobs before they die.  This usually kills about 30 mobs in a single attempt if you choose the right location.  That perfect location is the Sholazar coordinates of 22, 79 (or the circle of Frenzyheart Ravagers) just Northwest of the camp in the Southern corner of the map.  The mobs at this location are already grouped, relatively low in health, respawn in under two minutes and drop enough loot to make this venture both fun and profitable.  After an hour or so of killing these mobs in this fashion we usually have a full stack of healing potions, about 10 mana potions, almost a full bag of scrolls and about 100 gold.

 The quest does not have to be turned in after hitting the requirement so just keep killing and looting until your bags are full.  Provided you always tap the mobs, and can survive their concentrated aggro, it is easy money.  One of our team members actually pointed this trick out to us in a recent discussion about alchemy.  He said that he never buys healing potions from other players.  He simply keeps this quest in his log and the crystals in the bank and kills these guys for a few hours whenever he needs to stock up.

If you’re unable to hit all the targets because your class has no form of AoE remember that anything will do here.  Exploding corpses or pets, damage causing auras or our personal favorite AoE hack will work as well.  Just be sure to bandage up and loot the corpses before they respawn as the timer is quite short.  Of course, it is this short respawn time that makes this method of farming so profitable.

Go forth and farm (and vent some frustration on the dog men).


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Parking for Profit- Free Gem Collection

Where is your toon parked? Dalaran? Another capital city? An inn somewhere? If you are max-level you can use where you park for the night to your strategic and profitable advantage. Parking for Profit is a column highlighting strategic places to leave your toon when you log off for the night that will allow you to potentially benefit from your location when you log back in. As there is no single best place to park, we’ll feature a new location with profit potential and explain why in each column.

Parking spot coordinates: Approximately 31, 58 in Nagrand.
Target item: Gems, amount gained based on reputation with faction.

Remember the Consortium? Well they sure remember you. In fact, if you go visit your friend Gezhe at the Consortium quest hub in Nagrand (approximate coordinates 31, 58) you will find that he is still quite happy to provide you with your monthly membership benefits, a free bag of (mostly) uncommon Burning Crusade gems. We’ve seen these gems priced anywhere from 75 silver to 8 gold each on our three test servers. This is not a tremendous amount of money but it is 100% profit given that your investment cost is nothing aside from maybe 5 minutes of transport time. To really benefit from your Consortium membership, park your toon and all your applicable alts next to Gezhe the last night of each calendar month. When you log in the next day, simply collect your new gems before hearthing back to your desired city or quest zone. Truly savvy WoW traders will only make this trip every other month. They will wait until the last day of the month to collect their gems, park their toons right next to Gezhe for the night, then when they log in the following day pick up another bag of gems. This way, since your only investment is the time it takes to do this run, you’ve essentially cut your investment cost in half. One thing to note with this, however, is that the game’s timer can be a bit buggy at times and you may occasionally find that it won’t let you collect the new bag of gems immediately upon log in. In these cases you will have to wait a bit longer to collect the next month’s gems.

A few tips on selling the gems:

1) These gems, and arguably all uncommon gems, sell better in singles as opposed to stacks.

2) Don’t sell the gems until a week or two after you attain them. This will allow some time to account for other players who will be doing the same thing and dropping the price. By waiting a short period of time, you can maximize the amount of gold you can charge for the gems.


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