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Pirate’s Booty

September 19th is international Talk Like a Pirate Day and in celebration Blizzard is holding a corresponding in-game event, Pirates’ Day. WoW profit seekers will find some, limited, opportunity to profit that we will discuss below.

First off, the basics:

  • The event lasts a single day. There is no requirement to participate or perform any sort of activity.
  • There is one achievement associated with the event, it is categorized as a World Event achievement, but has no impact on the world events meta-achievement.
  • The majority of activities will take place in and around Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • There is no title to be attained this time around. Sorry to all you out there.

The major opportunity for profit comes in the form of players that want to get into the pirate spirit and dress up in pirate regalia. Just My Two Copper points out that the best, most profitable, opportunity to do so will probably be the crafting and distribution of the Admiral’s Hat. The tailoring pattern to craft this item is purchased from Cowardly Crosby, an NPC near Booty Bay. No reputation with any faction is required for purchase but the recipe is a limited item, sold in single quantities and on a conservative two-hour respawn timer. It is our opinion that JMTC is correct in their assessment that the limited supply of the recipe will drive the asking price of both the recipe and the crafted result to peak prices during the event. As they also note, the materials required to craft the item could spike in price. In our opinion, it his here that the opportunity for profit truly shines. While the hat and recipe will certainly be limited in supply, the Long Elegant Feathers (of which you need 6) will be much more limited in supply. Of further benefit the supply of the hat pattern will be extremely limited if you don’t have it but the feathers themselves are quite easy to come by… provided you know where to look. The post from JMTC has a nice video outlining a farming technique for attaining the feathers. Here are our assessments of where to go to farm these potentially profitable items and some additional reasons to farm these specific locations.

For the Horde

The Horde actually has it a bit easier on this one in that their target mobs have a slightly higher drop rate. The area is The Hinterlands and Hillsbrad Foothills. The target mobs are the various Razorbeak hippogryphs found all around The Hinterlands. The two useless ‘guards’ to The Hinterlands at the start of the trail in Northeast Hillsbrad Foothils also drop the feathers. The listed drop rate is approximately 40% but our experience was slightly less than that. While in the area, keep an eye out for farming opportunities, as the area is rife with herbs that sell quite well. Note that the mobs here are friendly to alliance players and thus cannot be killed by even the most traitorous Alliance members.

Also, since you’re in the area, be sure to visit the secret path to The Western Plaguelands called Plaguemist Ravine. Starting just North of Shindigger’s Camp, this narrow, mob-free path harks to the old school style of WoW development when hidden paths and locations were the norm. Many newer players are unaware of its existence.

Another place you should most certainly visit since you’re so nearby is the NPC George Candarte just East of the entrance to The Hinterlands (East of the aforementioned two useless Gryphons). See, Ol’ George sells the Leatherworking pattern for Green Leather Armor which can resell quite well in the AH. This limited recipe is on a 20 minute respawn timer and is the only NPC in the game that will sell it to The Horde. The NPC is Horde allied and thus cannot be bought from by Alliance players. If you are an Alliance player and you’ve decided to come check out this zone anyway, just go ahead and kill the NPC because –and let’s be honest here– you’re Alliance and that’s exactly the kind of s**t you like to pull.

For the Alliance

WoWhead lists several Alliance options for farming the feathers but not all are equal. For starters, the mob they list in Hillsbrad Foothills is literally a single mob. With a drop rate in the area of 35%, that’s a long time spawn-camping a single mob for infinitesimal returns (but hey, you can kill Ol’ George over and over as he respawns faster).

The other options are to kill Witherbark Hideskinners, again in the Hinterlands, or to head out to Feralas or or Azshara in search of less friendly Hippogryphs. We prefer to do this because the Hideskinners have the lowest drop rate of all the options (around 10%) so the farming can take longer. Our preference is Azshara because it provides a few other options along the way.

The target for Alliance is Thunderhead Hippogryphs in Azshara. These mobs can be targeted by both factions and PVP-server players would do well to note that there is a Horde camp nearby, Valormok. It’s easy to tell when you’re getting close, however, since the farming area is downwind of the camp and you can smell the stench of Tauren as you near the camp.

The farming area is the extreme Northwest portion of the zone along the cliff overlooking the river that flows from Winterspring. While in the area, if you can farm it, keep an eye out for Dreamfoil and (one of our old favorites) Tin Ore. If you haven’t previously quested in this zone you may also wish to pick up the Encoded Fragments quest before you start farming since you can easily finish it while farming.

While here, you also want to look for the rare spawn, Antilos, a Gryphon that often spawns in this very spot. Also of interest, there is a neat fortuneteller’s table (replete with crystal ball) at the extreme northwest portion of the cliff closest to the waterfall. Although there’s no NPC at the table, someone should have predicted the fortune of the fishermen from the boat in the water far below. The boat appears abandoned but closer investigation reveals a few dilapidated underwater traps with skeletons nearby. Kind of reminds me of my own experience with the sport.

For Everyone

The Hippogryphs you are targeting in this exercise don’t always have loot on them. This harks back to the old days of WoW, before every mob gave you a little something and epics were handed out like candy. And yes, we used to have to trudge ten miles in the snow to get to raids. With no mounts even!

It should also be noted that there are superior pirate hats out there, but our understanding is that to attain one you have to be at least partly insane in the membrane.


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Hot Item of the Week- Glacial Bag

We are always interested in storage. Since effective inventory management is essential to many aspects of making gold in WoW, we are always looking for the best options to maximize our inventory vs. slot cost ratio. From the very moment that Glacial Bags, the 22-slot bag of WotLK, were introduced we’ve been watching prices pretty closely. Over the past few weeks the going rate of these bags seems to have hit a norm.

We tested 15 auction houses (6 Horde and 9 Alliance) at random intervals during the day for the past two weeks and found that the average going rate of glacial bags was exactly 683.1749 gold. The lowest listed price we found at any given time was 575 gold. The highest equivalent was 800. It should be noted, however, that this test was hardly as standardized and regulated as our normal testing methods since testing was accomplished at different times of the day in each instance and different servers were used to attain prices as opposed to using the same server for every Horde and Alliance measurement (hence the reason for the uneven number of servers tested). However, we feel that two weeks of daily testing in this format is still sufficient to produce a realistic price, even if that price is more anecdotal than scientific.

At any rate, the argument might effectively be made that as long as the price of a glacial bag is lower than 1,200 gold, it is a good deal. Of course, you don’t get a fancy achievement with the glacial bag but such is the cost of a bargain. And, as long as we’re talking reasonable price limits, it is worth mentioning that the bottom limit is the sum of the cost of the materials required to craft the bag.

And it is through examining the cost of materials that we find our value. While many of the servers tested continued to show the previously observed decline in prices of high-end cloth, the prices of the Glacial Bags remained stable. If you can cheaply attain the materials for one of the bags, and effectively find a willing tailor with the recipe to craft one, you stand to make a significant amount of gold on the trade.

Glacial Bags present a nice opportunity for profit because they mix several WoWenomic factors in a single item: A fairly uncommon recipe, declining materials cost, stability in price, a vendor sold item to offer as a standard price comparison and a high level of demand. Through this conflux of factors the glacial bag has earned a spot as this week’s Hot Item of the Week.

A Few Tips on the Glacial Bag:

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Drop it Like it’s Hot

One of our team members is a real pack rat. He stocks up on anything that might potentially have value whenever he can get it inexpensively. He’s got bags, bank tabs and his own guild bank filled to the brim with eternals of all flavors, BoE epic items, various consumables, and -get this- a guild bank tab filled entirely with stacks of Runic Mana Potions. Yes, that’s a total of 490 mana potions. We were blown away when this came up in a recent meeting between the WoWenomics team members. The rest of the team were kind of giving him a hard time about hoarding so many items as though he were planning for doomsday. We asked him if, when Blizzard finally allows player housing, he plans to build an underground bunker. He took our teasing in stride and said it’s all part of his personal gold-making strategy. He is not ‘stock piling’ anything. He likes to buy items at their cheapest and simply resell them when the value is higher than whatever he paid. In his words, he collects these items and is thus poised when the market goes up to “drop it like it’s hot”.

He makes thousands of gold per week just selling items at the height of their value. He never crashes a market by over-posting his sales- he simply bleeds them back into the economy no more than five at a time and reaps the profits. For this strategy to work he has to follow a strict bid/ask policy and adjust his buy and sell levels almost daily. Even items that he ‘needs’ are subject to his buy and sell policy. For example, as a tailor he stocks vast quantities of Moonshroud, Ebonweave and Spellweave for his crafting needs but is more than happy to sell them, even if he might need them later, when the price is right. See, he understands that the WoW market, like almost all markets, is cyclic and thus prone to ups and downs. Why stockpile any item if you can simply sell it when it’s high and buy it again later at a lower price. In this sense, let the AH be your bank and make a few gold on the items that you would otherwise keep. So, as he explains it, he’s not actually hoarding anything- everything is up for sale. He’s simply waiting for the right ‘ask’ level and he’ll begin selling off.

To enhance his success he understands the entire value chain of his investments. To go back to his tab full of Runic Mana Potions, he says that the market hasn’t been right to sell them off yet in raw form. But he’s been watching the markets for Lichbloom and Goldclover on his server and, as those markets are up, he expects to see a rise in the price of the mana potions soon. But he doesn’t stop there. At all times he makes sure there’s at least one mana injector up for sale in the AH and even these items are subject to the buy low/sell high or ‘drop it like it’s hot’ philosophy.

Every WoW gold maker out there knows to sell his or her items when the market is right. However, the unique lessons we took away from the discussion with our team member were:

  1. Invest even in markets that you may not have any profession-based interest in provide there is a cycle that can be exploited.
  2. Sell your own profession materials when the price is high enough, buy them back not ‘when needed’ but when the price is right.

Follow these tips and you’ll be living like a king in no time. Or, to put it in the fine words of the ever-articulate Snoop Dogg:

“So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles
Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle
G’s to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo…

Drop it Like it’s Hot


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Post-3.1 Quick Observations

Just a few quick observations to assist your weekend trading. The following events are notable to us because we’ve seen these changes on five different servers, which tells us that these are consistent WoWenomic trends, not just single server anomalies.

  • Eternal Life prices have taken off. All servers show at least a 100% increase in going rate from the weeks prior to patch 3.1. If you have a stock of these it may be time to sell although many of us feel the price can still move a bit higher.
  • The continuing decline in the fish business due to massive over-fishing has now spread to the Guru’s Elixir market. We advise, for you turtle hunters, to follow our guidance in our initial post on the matter and target Borean Man O’ War pools or Dragonfin Angelfish pools.
  • The Book of Glyph Mastery continues to lose value as we predicted it would in our feature on the item a week ago. We’ve actually been studying the loss in value quite closely and will share our results after we complete our testing cycle in a few more days.
  • Our flask business is very strong. All five servers show prices above half of what flasks were selling for pre-3.1 (the common expectation was that flasks would be half the old price since they split 2 for 1). In related news, four out of five servers showed an increase in price for Frost Lotus. None showed a significant increase in Northrend herb prices however.
  • Prices for Saronite Ore are at the lowest levels we’ve seen since the launch of WotLK on every server we checked- on both Horde and Alliance sides.
  • Our enchanted vellum business increasingly shows impressive returns. The high-end, end-game enchants are solid winners as are several low-level enchants as twinks fight to stay relevant. Blank vellum prices have, however, gone down significantly but this only helps our enchanting business.
  • We are seeing occasional spikes, at different times on varying servers, in demand for high-end cloth and Titansteel bars. Prices will spike and then return to a lower level as more players try to get in on the action. We assume the price spikes are related to the drops of patterns from Ulduar. We further expect that prices of these materials will continue to spike, and possibly increase overall, as the guilds progress further into the instance.

We’ve got an in-depth post-3.1 analysis coming soon. Be sure to stay tuned to find out exactly how markets have behaved since the release of this patch.


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3.1 Changes to Crafting Reagent Requirements

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding the 3.1 crafting list from WoR, we wanted to point out another fantastic 3.1 WoW professions tool that works nicely with the resource from WoR: The Reagents Changes List from MMO-Champion.

Sorted by profession, this tool allows crafters to see what source materials will be changing with the implementation of patch 3.1. Take a look at the tab for your chosen profession and make note of items that you may now need (or, as in most cases, no longer need) to craft some of your most popular items.

The following is our quick assessment, by profession, of some of the key 3.1 crafting materials changes that we suspect may have an impact on the WoW economy or your finances in particular:

The two most notable alchemy changes are
1) The removal of Fire Leaf as a required reagent for the Flask of Endless Rage. Right off the bat, we can estimate that this will bring the price of the Northrend attack power flask more in-line with the other three current end-game flasks. Further, we also predict a significant decrease in the going rate of Fire Leaf and suggest you sell them off now while you can still get top dollar for them. As we expect the rage flask to also drop slightly in value, you may also consider selling off any stock you have now and re-crafting them again later when they no longer require Fire Leaf and, are thus, cheaper to make.
2) The removal of vials as a necessity when crafting several types the various alchemical oils. Expect marginal impact beyond slightly lowering the crafting cost of the oils themselves and thus, a small increase profit margin when they are crafted for purposes of profit.

The two most notable changes in materials to blacksmithing are
1) Reduction in amount of Enchanted Thorium Bars required for two items. This could marginally reduce the price of these bars but we don’t really see an impact given the outdated nature of these older items.
2) Removal of Jet Black Feather, Bloodvine, and grinding stones from several items. Again, we see minimal impact here and will file these changes in the ‘too little, too late’ folder.

Two notable changes
1) Most older, pre-WotLK, items have had their spice or purchase reagent removed. This should allow for cheaper or faster leveling of the cooking skill but will have minimal economic impact.
2) The inclusion of at least three new cooking recipes (although the list from MMO-Champion doesn’t list them as new, we assume that Pumpkin Pie and Slow-Roasted Turkey are new items as well) that call for new reagents. The economic impact of these items will depend on how the new reagents are attained. Our theory is that, given the seasonal nature of these new recipes, they are part of a future in-game holiday event although a quick look at the proposed Noblegarden achievement list provides no additional guidance.

Enchanting will be getting an overhaul in terms of a significant decrease in the amount required materials for many popular enchants. The complete removal of Nexus Crystals from several items will reduce demand and price for this type of crystal so you may wish to sell your stock of them now. The most glaring change we notice is the overhaul of the Lifeward weapon enchant. The incoming changes will reduce the cost of this enchant from approximately 400 gold to close to 20 gold. That’s a major change and may increase the popularity of Lifeward. Again, many other enchants are also having their material requirements reduced, possibly reflecting Blizzard’s intent to make this profession less of a gold sink and easier to level.

Minimal changes and minimal economic impact. Minor reductions in some source materials. Overall this reflects Blizzard’s stance that Engineering is “working as intended.”

Many new glyphs added. As these new glyphs become more common they may positively affect the prices of Northrend herbs and inks.

Several new recipes and reduction in required materials for one item. Also possibly reflects the “working as intended” stance from Blizzard.

The most notable change to the leatherworking profession is the significant reduction in the amount of the various types of leather required to craft many older items. This, perhaps, reveals that Blizzard intends for this skill to be a bit easier to level but also leaves skinning as a profitable gathering profession in a little bit more dire of a state.

A few reductions in materials requirements but what stands out to us most is the removal of Ironweb Spider Silk from many recipes. This should significantly reduce the cost of this type of spider silk which already didn’t sell particularly well.

Good luck in your crafting efforts post-3.1. Thanks again to MMO-Champion for the handy resource. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that you can find permanent links to MMO-Champion, WoR and many other informative sites on our resources page.


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Changes to the 3.1 Profession Recipes List- Patch Predictions Amended

World of Raids (WoR) released today quite an Easter treat for all WoW crafters- a comprehensive list of all the new crafting recipes available in the game with the implementation of patch 3.1. Granted, this information can be found elsewhere, but no other site or list gives such a complete overview of all the coming changes at a glance. The list is collapsible and sorted by profession and includes mouse over capabilities for more in-depth information on each recipe. If you are a crafter, or even a WoWenomic speculator, we highly encourage you to take a look at this fantastic resource and plan accordingly.

From a WoWenomics standpoint, we love the ability to quickly see all of required materials for every recipe. Opportunity abounds for the savvy WoW trader. Just looking over the list we can see all the materials that will be in demand when the new patterns start dropping from Ulduar. A few initial observations:

First and foremost… where the heck is the Eternal Earth?!? Are we going blind? Has there been some mistake? No. It would appear that the high-end crafting items no longer call exclusively for Eternal Earth. As you may recall, we initially recommended a buy on Eternal Earth as almost every Ulduar-dropped crafting item required as many as 20 Eternal Earth. Apparently this is no longer the case. We double-checked this by referring to our original 3.1 crafted items list and found the same changes. Recipes that initially called for Eternal Earth instead now list eternals of various types in varying quantity. To put it another way, STOP BUYING ETERNAL EARTH and SELL NOW TO PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOT NOTICED THE CHANGE YET!

Take a look at the listed source for the Clamlette Magnifique and you’ll notice an immediate opportunity for potentially huge income. Completionist chefs will be tripping over themselves to get this recipe and you can profit easily by simply supplying the quest turn-in materials. In fact, you can probably even make gold by supplying the easiest to attain item, Alterac Swiss. After the patch is released, put the required turn-in materials in the auction house in stacks sized by whatever amount is required for the turn-in (20 in the case of the Alterac Swiss) at a significant mark-up and reap in the profit. This trick will work for weeks until either enough other players catch on to drop the price or the majority of the hard-core chefs get the quest done. Buy or farm these items now, before the patch drops, and profit later.

-The source listed for the new Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing plans is Ulduar, the new 3.1 raid instance. Given that it will take some time for the plans to drop for the majority of the population, and further compounded by the fact that the plans each require approximately six Runed Orbs, it will be some time before we will see an increase in the demand for (and, therefore, the price of) the listed source materials.

Moonshroud is the big winner when it comes to post-3.1 tailoring apparently. Of the crafted tailoring items listed, Moonshroud is the one in highest demand. Thus, unless things change in a manner similar as to what we saw with Eternal Earth, we would expect the prices of this high-end cloth to increase more than the other two in terms of percentage increase over current going rate.

It is presumed that the epic crafting plans that drop from Ulduar will be bind on pickup whereas the crafted items themselves will be bind on equip. This means that 1) there will be no secondary market for the plans- you’ll have to get yourself into a successful Ulduar run if you want the plans and 2) You can expect that the first players on your server to attain these plans can and will craft these items and have free rein to charge whatever they want for them.

Finally, a big kudos goes out to the WoR team for releasing such an awesome resource. If you like what they’ve done, be sure to stop by their forums and thank them for providing it. As successful financial trading (real world or otherwise) almost always boils down to good information, it is nice to see them provide such a detailed list for our profitable purposes.


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